The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted people’s lives in many ways in 2020. Sadly, many people have lost their job as a result of the virus with unemployment at 4.5 million from June to August while it has also led many to rethink their careers and decide that a change is needed. This means that job hunting is about to come a lot more competitive but it is important to note that there will be jobs available. Read on for a few tips for job hunting during the pandemic. 

Aim for Thriving Sector

One of the smartest things that you can do is to look to sectors which are thriving and will continue to do so after the pandemic. If this is a completely new field, you could look to take an online course in the meantime to improve your CV. Many industries are struggling right now but there are also many which are thriving, such as:

  • Tech
  • Marketing
  • Fintech
  • Logistics
  • Health
  • Social care

Manage Expectations

The job market is tougher than it has been for a very long time right now which means that you need to manage expectations. If you are struggling to make ends meet, you may need to take on whatever you can get in the meantime and cast a wider net than what you would normally.

Stay Organized

It can be hard to lose track of all of the jobs that you have applied for when you are hunting and casting a wide net. This is why it is a good idea to keep a spreadsheet which will help you to track applications, know when you should have heard back by and what stage of the application you are at.

Obtain Feedback

It is always worthwhile seeking feedback after an interview as this will show that you are serious as well as help you to identify the best ways to improve. It can be hard hearing constructive criticism, but those that can take this on and improve will always stand out and secure jobs. 

Have Reliable Transport

When you are applying for jobs and in different locations, it is important that you have a reliable (and safe) form of transportation so that you can get around. Leasing a car from somewhere like ZenAuto is a smart solution as this will give you flexibility and you could impress potential employers with a smart, professional-looking car. 

Make Sure That You Are Presentable

You also need to make sure that you are presentable and professional at all times. Even if you have a Zoom interview, you should still make the effort by wearing a suit and thinking about how you present yourself. 

It is tough in the job market right now with many people looking for work, but it is important to stay positive and hopefully these tips will help you to find rewarding work sooner rather than later.


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