Job seeking is not anyone’s cup of tea. It is stressful and everytime you get a regret mail that you were not shortlisted, the stress keeps on scaling and you feel really bad about the whole thing. I know this because after college, things were really hard as I tried to look for a job even in places where I knew the salary was no good.

Do not feel bad when friends get the job earlier than you

When friends whom you were seeking the job together get it and you are yet to nail it, it is very normal to feel knocked out. You start wondering whether you are really good enough. You look at your certs again and again and scroll through emails. But the thing you should not do is feel bad that they got the jobs before you. No, just be happy for them because your job is coming. Do not show any tinge of jealousy because once you do so, your friends will not be there for you.

Make yourself busy with the right skillsets

After college, you will find that probably you are unemployable because your skillset does not match what employers want. You just have the theory but have no practicality or experience and therefore employers might not be ready to train and hire you.

While still waiting for the job, you should also get your documents ready and anything else that might be wanted. Some employers are today demanding that you do a drug test because they do not want to hire people who get stoned. Do not worry about this because you can use some sythentic urine kit. This is the best sythentic urine kit that has been used by many people and they were not detected as drug users.

Talk to your friends and family

Friends and family can help alot financially and even emotionally. You really need them at such a time when you are going through a difficult period. Accept their consolation and work your way through applications and interviews.

Minimize on spendings

When looking for a job, the last thing you want is to be financially stressed. Make sure that you are spending on things that you really need. Do not be extravagant because it is going to bite you in the end.