Naesketchie – A popular Music, Fashion, and Entertainment Tycoon

The creation and development of music have grown to become a craze across the globe. We can say the same for DJs, as their roles became prominent over time as the majority of music lovers prefer to hire them for their events around the world, especially because they use modern technology. With the array of tools that are both used and developed over the years, this leads DJs to both deliver and create amazing entertainment to a variety of audiences—from looping, spinning, scratching, production, and more. Once you add the integration of the voice engine for helping users become confident and capable in the execution of effective downloading tasks, the job of a DJ is solidified. 

In today’s world, most can identify famous Top Entrepreneur Joel Molina, aka Naesketchie as the man to put your nightlife and event business in his hands. Molina, who has started his journey as a Nightlife mogul hiring popular talent such as DJ Camilo, DJ Prostyle, DJ Funk Flex, DJ Spinking, along with many other New York City radio celebrity DJs to name a few, now is involved in Fashion, along with managing R&B Star Angelica Vila. We can definitely call him a top leader in the industry.

His roots entail coming from a noble middle-class family. Both Turkish and Dominican, his parents moved from the Dominican Republic to provide a better living for both him and his sister. This alone served as a motivation in itself to attain success by any means necessary. For him, the struggle for a career was not an easy or simple one. He started humbly, by hosting the hottest teen events and throwing the biggest parties and entertainment events in New York City. Containing the smooth, stylish, and innovative events collection, his extra-ordinary brilliance in the entertainment world has made him popular in the industry.

Some of his earliest successes as both an event host and planner started in his sister’s apartment: after the divorce of his sister “Lucy”, they used her apartment as a means to generate extra income, and quickly expanded to host events in huge halls and private locations—even inviting popular DJs and entertainment artists to boost their reputation and create a buzz in NYC. 

As time went by, he signed his niece Angelica Vila to his label Sketchie Entertainment. They created a fan base by uploading videos on social media. Artist development quickly became both a newfound passion and objective. Refusing to take breaks, and consistently developing his craft, it was at random when he too, even thought to become an artist, but ultimately decided to co-produce music instead. 

Working alongside Sketchie Entertainment, he is also running a luxury clothing brand MAZCO Original. His clothing brand gained much success this year, with his motto and objective being to have people look great in their outfits. As a diverse entrepreneur, this comes from being involved in different aspects of the business. Molina knew his skills and ultimately knew that he could master the fashion industry. His goal is to give back to his community and also give them a luxury experience and feeling as if they were consumers of high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton but at an affordable rate. Naesketchie has a net worth of 1.5 million dollar. He has created a great name for him

Self and people around him, naesketchie is a self made legend.