Human beings are social beings, and for us to experience the best in our lives, we have to create and enjoy meaningful relationships with ourselves and those we interact with. Unfortunately, that’s not the experience of most people. In a world characterized by chaos, betrayal, pain, inequalities, and dysfunctional families, more people cannot create and sustain healthy relationships. This applies to work, family, and even romantic relationships. All these can breed frustration and sadness, resulting in bitter and unfulfilled lives. How about getting a coach who can help you connect with others and relate with them in a better, humane, and sustainable way? Well, that’s John DeOca’s commitment, and he derives pleasure in seeing human relationships thrive.

John De Oca is a genius when it comes to helping his clients improve their relationships to have more fulfilling lives. Through his company, The Relationship Prescriber, which he founded three years ago, he has worked with people struggling to build crucial relationships. He helps them identify the gaps or misconceptions they may have and trains them to change their mindset to address any unresolved issues.

John is a trained nurse who has a special interest in social dynamics and interpersonal relationships. He notes, “Having held numerous jobs and worked as a nurse and nurse practitioner and in various clinical settings, I started to see how crucial relationships are in everything we do.  Then, working the last few years in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, I started to look at my clients more holistically and realize how important inner work is and how the message needs to get out there”.

This relationship coach focuses on four main relationships, including self, friendships, romance, and work-related. He believes that we live in an interconnected world where we should get along and connect with others. It doesn’t matter whether we are introverts or extroverts; we should embrace others, apply emotional intelligence and relate with them. With that understanding, he uses different approaches to coach his clients. All these are geared towards incorporating important coaching skills and relationship principles to govern our interactions.

Something else, John is committed to helping anyone who feels stuck, struggles to relate with others, or wants to improve their relationships. As he focuses on the four relationships mentioned earlier, i.e., self, romantic, friendships, and work, he allows the client to choose either of them or holistically, depending on the goals. With his exceptional skills, John will help the client recognize patterns and perceptions that may be interfering with healthy relationships. He does this through his 1:1 coaching, speaking in events, and he’s also creating courses to help independent learners and providing dating messaging assistance, image consultancy, and dating profile assistance.

Unlike the common relationship coaching services, John distinguishes himself by going beyond the obvious. He helps his clients explore beyond what can be seen and transcend multiple relationship types instead of only focusing on romance and dating. This way, his clients can take a look at the way they show up to all their relationships to identify the missing links and gaps.

If you are struggling with building and maintaining healthy interactions with your friends, partner, or colleagues, it’s time you looked for an empathic coach to walk with you. And John De Oca is your perfect guy who’s committed to helping you enjoy a meaningful life. To contact the relationship prescriber, click here.