EOFire's John Lee Dumas
EOFire’s John Lee Dumas

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know John Lee Dumas, or JLD, of Entrepreneur On Fire. JLD started his award-winning podcast in 2012 and has interviewed over 2100 accomplished entrepreneurs, sharing their tips, strategies, and secrets to building wildly successful businesses.

And we turned the tables on him!

Here at Brilliantly Resilient, on one of OUR most Brilliant interviews, WE INTERVIEWED JLD himself—asking him to share his take on how our Brilliantly Resilient tribe could survive and thrive in these changing times. Here are some of JLD’s top tips. They show just how Brilliantly Resilient he is and how he inspires his Fire Nation every day!

Brilliantly Resilient: it’s right in the name! Here’s what JLD thinks about train wrecks, and how to Reset with Resilience:

John Lee Dumas: “It’s critical to understand the importance of being resilient. Getting sucker punched, failing, flopping, is part of everyone’s journey. Every single entrepreneur I’ve ever interviewed was resilient enough, after experiencing the worst failure in their lives, to get back up and try again. A lot of them learned amazing lessons during that failure and that’s why they became successes.”

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Brilliantly Resilient: We Rise by determining our skills and resources and combining them with our values to bring our gift to the world. Here’s JLD’s take:

John Lee Dumas: “The most successful entrepreneurs draw a direct line between two elements: passion, curiosity, and excitement combined with knowledge, skills and the value you bring to your audience. The comingling of those things will let you sustain your effort long enough to be successful.”

Brilliantly Resilient: Find that thing that comes easy to you, even if you don’t see how it will manifest in your life in a successful way. That’s your gift and your Brilliance. JLD advises:

John Lee Dumas: “The winners are the ones who say ‘I’m going to be the best in show at this one thing, and if I can’t, I’ll niche down until it hurts.’ Then it’s all about FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success!”

Brilliantly Resilient: Perception can change everything. When we change the way we see things, challenge can become opportunity. JLD offers this:

John Lee Dumas: “I spent thirteen months in Iraq in a war zone. Four of my sixteen soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice. That’s real. I get it. You’re scared. You have doubts. You’re struggling. But keep things in perspective. You live in this amazing world where you at least have the chance to try. So why would you not keep trying?”

We may use different language, but the message is the same. When we tap into our Resilience, keep our perspective, try and try again, we can uncover our Brilliance and share our gifts with the world.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, JLD. You are BRILLIANTLY RESILIENT!

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