John Trah aka ecomwolf is the owner of The Leading Ecommerce brand on IG and we are more than happy to let him share his thoughts, this is what he has to say:

The real reason most people are lost… Here is the truth revealed…

The 1 reason you don’t have time and money is very simple. It’s because you don’t invest time and money. So many people expect things and feel entitled even though they are NOWHERE near WORTHY of what they desperately want. Everyone wants to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE. Nobody wants to GIVE. More importantly, nobody wants to GIVE UP their excuses What I mean is… Nobody wants to GIVE UP: the parties, the nights out, the shitty friends, their “hard-earned” dollars and their “precious limited” time.

John Trah grew up with these people having to learn and be with them my entire life. They blame the country, the president and everyone else other than themselves. IT’S So FUNNY if you actually think about it, they party every weekend, they go out all the time and even when they’re in their houses they watch the TV or a random movie they find online, there are so many ways you can save up money and start a business or at least do something that will benefit people and bring you money but 99% of people waste it on buying clothes they don’t really need, ordering food, drinking, and buying stuff they don’t need.

‘When I first started my business I had 30$ and a broken Xperia L My dad gave me after a year of use. That phone costed 40$ on ebay and whenever I got on Google and Googled something it would freeze up after 5 seconds so I had to quickly get inside a website so it won’t freeze up’ (I made 1k with it from affiliate marketing, when I first started out) There are a ton of categories of people that are broke and honestly some are justified, like people from 3rd world countries that are homeless and barely can eat, my opinion on this although is that since someone else in the same position made it then you can do it as well.

Then we have the people who have been given more than enough, yeah you know who you are! Those 17–20+ year old kids that live with their parents money, they don’t have a job, they go to college and have a Dan bilzerian instagram profile but their bank account screams homeless These people have a false sense of reality, a false sense of awareness, they do the bare minimum and don’t allocate their resources like time and money in the right places on a consistent daily basis. When the opportunity of a lifetime comes around they end up assuming that the world played them and that they have been unfortunate enough by chance to not be able to take advantage of the opportunity due to limited time and or funds. These are the same negative people you see always blaming society and blaming others for their lack of success, yet they are never contributing. Most of you say that successful people should give back to others, which is totally true, but what have you done for homeless people. WHAT have you done for people who struggle, have you given to a charity? Have you created a business to help anyone?Have you put anyone in a position to win? Have you inspired or saved anyone’s life? NO… “Then why are you judging successful people who do that huh?” All the same people…. The same people who complain about their boss and not getting promotions but, yet are enthusiastically waiting to get off on Friday. The same people who speak negatively on people with nice cars for being “bad people” and showing off but own every pair of Jordan’s.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON. Ask yourself this question LOGICALLY. How can you expect to make $1,000 a day, if you never even spent $1,000 for your own business or even more importantly, yourself? How can you expect to have 18 hours of free time everyday, if you never GRINDED 18 hours a day for yourself? You’re either WORTHY of what you want or you’re NOT. There’s no getting lucky. There’s no shortcuts to massive wealth. There’s no magic steps. There’s no secret potion you drink and get rich off of. NOW! Let’s not get this confused. There IS SHORTCUTS to developing into a better & smarter person ALLOWING you to create wealth faster. There’s is RANDOM CHANCE that allows you to meet certain people and create new opportunities when you are WORTHY (not lucky) of attracting it into your life. You need to go ALL IN with how you allocate your money, time and resources. You need to invest your money with the end goal in mind. You need to prioritize your time with the end goal in mind. You need to utilize your resources with the end goal in mind. When you consistently put in the work and stay truthful to your commitments, day in and day out; then one day you’ll be worthy to have tremendous time freedom and financial success and you’ll wonder why “luck” works so well for you. If you found value here and would like to join the wolves then start now by sharing this post on your social media.