Are you tasked with building out a team of high-performing employees? Don’t know where to begin? Building out a group of individuals who can work well together and drive business is not easy, but it is certainly possible! The following tips will help:

Set Stretch Goals

As a manager, not only are you managing people but you are managing business growth as well. The best way to accomplish growth on your team as well as in the business is by setting stretch goals  for your team to work towards. A stretch goal is deliberately challenging, so don’t be afraid to set a nearly unachievable goal. Leaders who know how to set stretch goals create an internal drive in the team to accomplish the impossible. When you push your employees to reach goals that they didn’t think were possible, you’ll be amazed at the results!

Communicate the Vision

If you really want to build a high-performing team, you must communicate, communicate, communicate! What exactly should you be communicating? The vision of your company! If employees don’t understand the vision, how can they ever work towards it? Team leaders of high-performing teams understand the importance of staying on message and communicating the mission and the vision. Keep in mind that people can easily get distracted or lose sight of the end goal, so remind them as frequently as possible. 

Engage the Right Mix of People

When employees understand the vision, the mission, and how to make it all together, they will be fully  engaged in their work. Now, they will need to learn how to work with the others on the team in order to fulfill the mission. This is precisely why you need to engage the right mix of people on your teams. The right mix for a team is a diverse group of committed and passionate people with a shared vision and deep investment in each other’s success

Being charged with building out a high-performing team is no easy task! Once you have your team members, you need to do constant maintenance in order to keep the team performing at standards. The best way to do this is constantly set stretch goals, communicate  the vision as frequently as possible, and make sure your team is made up of the right people.