Workplace anxiety is a very real problem for millions of Americans. And, let’s face it, the generic advice given by mental health professionals can sometimes be less than helpful.

Taking a bubble bath or enjoying a glass of wine would hardly be an appropriate pastime for the workplace. Time to take a deep breath and consider some of the more relevant ways to reduce on-the-job stress below.

Track Your Stressors

The American Psychological Association recommends actually tracking all of your stressors, which might mean taking out a journal and tracking each one individually. While you do so, make sure that you also write down your emotional reactions to all of your stressors and try to determine whether the problem is truly within your control or outside of your control.

Some workplace stress is related to taking on too much work and within your control. Other workplace place like work that’s not engaging or a salary that’s too low might be out of your control until you speak up.

Use Your Lunch Break Effectively

Using your lunch break effectively, and creatively, is an important way to beat workplace anxiety that a lot of people dealing with anxiety in the workplace take for granted. The truth is that for millions of American workers suffering through anxiety on the job, there’s a lot of benefits to be had from spending a lunch break doing something other than running out and grabbing a fast-food burger.

Consider reaching for a book instead of watching a light-hearted comedy like “The Office” on your smartphone in order to take your mind off of your workplace stresses for a moment. When you think about it, you’ll be much more effective once you’ve calmed down a bit. Running out to grab lunch can often be more stressful than packing your own lunch, grabbing a book, and slowing enjoying yourself.

Turn Your Phone to Silent

A lot of workplace stress can gradually build up to the point that it’s hard to identify one source. With that in mind, realize that your email notifications and constantly checking your phone can take its toll on your mental and emotional health. Consider turning both off to give yourself a few minutes break.