Jonathan Wax

Jonathan Wax recently released his new music video, entitled “Young Wonder.”

Wax says, “I hope that the composition and animated video gives you that sense of wonder and reminds you what it feels like to dream. I hope you feel inspired to never give up on that dream, to remember that life is precious and short, the universe is big and that space is for everyone.”

“Young Wonder” is the second video from Wax, following on the heels of the previously released “Look Beyond.” The genesis of both occurred when Wax traveled to Wallops Island, Virginia to watch the launch of a rocket into space. His invitation to attend the event came from NASA’s social media group.

After observing the electrifying event, as soon as he returned home, Wax sat down and wrote a series of instrumentals expressing the variety of sensations he had experienced watching the rocket hurtle up toward the heavens: awe, excitement, and incredulity, along with a flush of ecstasy.

The founder of 4×4, a marketing agency, Wax spends the bulk of his time working with independent artists, and established artists, like Aaron Carter, as well as corporate clients, like Sony’s Wind-up Records, Foundations Artist Management, and an array of others.

But like Janus, the Roman god of duality, Wax isn’t all about business. He has a formidable creative side: playing the piano at age eight, followed by studying film at the University of Miami. Wax’s involvement in the business side of music was serendipitous. His brother, pop/rock artist Mikey Wax, was gearing up for the release of his debut album. Before long, almost like magic, Wax was not only managing his brother’s wildly successful career, but found others seeking him out because of his intuitive understanding of marketing.

The intro to “Young Wonder” exudes a refined classical flavor, as a graceful piano and gorgeous filaments of strings shape an exquisite flow. The distant keen of a guitar swells and intensifies, filling the tune with palpable tightness. The synths inject an aural image of the vastness of space, adding effervescing colors atop the plush sonic gleam of the piano and radiating strings.

The accumulation of the harmonic layers enlarges, like a self-sustaining process. The first accretion is slow, but increases according to direction, until it exudes an aura of ineffable beauty.

“Young Wonder” is a confection of pure elegance, full of harmonic colors and sonic pressures pregnant with the mysterious symbolism of mankind’s imagination.

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