Joseph Degbadjo was brought into this world on November 29, 1991, in Cotonou, Africa. He pursued taxation from a well renowned French University, Panthéon-Sorbonne as he always had an aim of becoming a tax lawyer from the very tender age. Having an interest in tax, he excelled in the class with good grades and moreover, he used to have sport session with Paul Duan who specializes in IA technology. Before proceeding ahead in life, at the age of six he started playing soccer and played for Newcastle United under English Premier League. He holds a statement that no matter what task you start at an early age it should always be your passion for rest of life. Moreover, Joseph is a charming personality who carries a passion for photography and is a French fashion photographer working in top notch cities of the world such as Paris and Los Angeles. Apart from his profession, he is the Municipal Mayor of the town named Domont. Being a photographer, he has worked with superior brands and magazines like Cartier, Rolls Royce, Lacoste, Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

It is a saying that there are moments when one receives gifts at a certain period of life and in a similar way he got a camera as a gift and turned into a passion. From that moment he discovered a passion for fashion photography and he began clicking photographs of University friends. Then he jumped to the next level as he was inquisitive and embarked to learn about light in a scientific manner where he started using candles and globe to get knowledge about light. Moving ahead, he started performing in the studio where he used to feel excited and from this moment his passion towards photography increased by leaps and bounds. From that instant, Fashion has been such an incredible part of his life. He holds a belief that his family, sport, and nature play a crucial role and he considered these factors to be a source of great inspiration for himself. He dreams of becoming a National Geographic photographer in his life one day. Apart from fashion, he had an ambition of doing photography of nature and animals as it is more of noble photography.

The best part of Joseph’s life was that his career began when he shot for the first time for Alain Ducasse who is one of the best chefs in the world with most stars in his restaurants. In addition, this shot was performed for India today magazine Cover where he got an appreciation for his work and was hired by the magazine to work for Manish Arora. When real efforts are put into a passion, no force can stop that individual to commence their career in life and in the same way Joseph began his career in an eye-catching way. After starting his career, he became the first African fashion photographer with a maximum number of Vogue covers and the turning point came in his life when Joseph changed his interest from tax law to photography, he became one of the highest demanded photographer in the fashion world. Apart from this, he holds a vision of utilizing artificial insightful and photography to change his home country, Africa.

Joseph is the first Benin artist who has done three Vogue covers and most likely the first African photographer who have done GQ covers with a famous personality named as Vincent Cassel. Having a set number of goals will always motivate a person to do more in his respective field and likewise, Joseph wants to open Photography school in Africa. He thinks that art is a powerful educational tool which will assist in the emancipation of women and youngsters who create political issues in Africa. He wants to show the real image of the public with the help of photography and wants to begin a photography camp in Africa. Adding more to it, he is joining hands with his friend Paul Duan who is into Intelligent Artificial technology and has accomplished several awards in San Francisco with the help of his company known as Bays Impact. One year from now, Joseph is going to work related to light and he will create a book with the title “A Travers la lumière”.