At just 26 years old, Josh Snow, the founder of Snow, the leading teeth whitening system in the world, has the level of maturity and success one could only dream of achieving. 

Just in a few years, Josh has been able to gather the endorsements and partnerships of people like Floyd Mayweather and Rob Gronkowski. 

As a kid, Josh originally wanted to become a doctor, but then he started picking up computer skills and everything began to change. Josh was substantially successful in digital marketing and became an affiliate in marketing spaces.

In a short amount of time, he taught himself sound engineering, coding of websites, and even learned design skills to make sure that all his creations looked visually appealing and ready to use. Once Josh started to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generate income from AdWords and rank his blogs, it became natural for him to transition into affiliate marketing, where instead of getting paid for clicks, he could get paid for sales, which opened up new doors that allowed him to make cash online.

It started to become evident to Josh that he had come to a crossroads: He knew he no longer wanted to be a doctor, but instead he wanted to keep keep diving deeper into this world he was now so enthralled by. He cut a deal with his parents: as long as he graduated with good grades, he could keep up with internet marketing and shelf med school. He graduated at the top of his class, and neither he nor his parents could imagine what was to come.

After the success that came with internet marketing, making millions of dollars in his early 20’s, Josh decided to launch Snow. But Josh came to the realization that money alone wasn’t something that was going to make him happy, and that he had spent his time focusing on something that would ultimately lead him to a dead end.He wanted to create something he could talk about for the rest of his life because he loved it so much. He knew it had to be a massive market, something very competitive and challenging that would keep him engaged for a very long time. He also wanted to focus on the business to consumer (B2C) space because of the massive base of potential customers… quite ironically, in order to avoid burnout.

After making this checklist, Josh realized he still had thousands of options. He had some pretty significant success with beauty products and really loved the industry. After being shaped by having jaw surgery as a kid, he realized that there was a gap in the market between strips in the store and dental treatments for whitening.To this day, Josh doesn’t take a penny from Snow. By putting his head down on earlier ventures, he has been able to finance this kind of runway. 

Josh’s advice is that you take an honest look at exactly what your business would look like at 50x the revenue that it is doing now: What does the team, office and products look like? Then, reverse engineer everything from there. If this doesn’t fully excite you, then you might be more suited for a different type of business. 

Once you go all-in, everything changes for you. The idea of buying a new car or vacation or watch doesn’t excite him anymore; he wants to work on the brand and invest in where it is going. He gets excited by landing a new celebrity partner or by working on a big deal for the company. 

At such a young age, Josh Snow has accomplished more than many. For someone who has seen his fair share of financial and professional success, we get a feeling that Mr. Snow isn’t only dominating the dental industry; it’s actually much more than that — he’s changing the world in the process.