WE are all adjusting to some sort of normality. I am loathe to continually call this era ‘the new normal’ because it is ever changing, but one thing I do know is that there are many people going through some pretty serious stuff who need help and support to navigate their way through it all.

So while we remain in ‘Covidia’ here are few ways that my journalling and Life Edit programme could be really useful, and a few reminders about how it can really help.

The Life Edit is not all about writing down what you are grateful for and how utterly fabulous your life is! It is also not magic! YOU have to do the work to make it work, yes you can read my book and buy a fancy notebook but unless you actually START writing in it then nothing will happen. You can’t simply write down three things you are grateful for, add a couple of affirmations and then wait for stuff to happen! You need to COMMIT to the process of journaling to EMBRACE the feelings of change and transform your life.

At the core of the entire process is the fact that I am an accredited Personal Development Practitioner. I expect the people I coach to do 75 % of the work to instigate change, my input of 25 % is my expertise and specific strategies that I share.

Sarah Adams, Personal Development Practitioner and author of The Life Edit

I have been coaching people for almost ten years in workshops and 1-1 so I know what I am talking about when it comes to personal development and using effective strategies for improvement. Journalling or writing is a proven and effective method that I have used with clients and students and developed to great effect over the last decade.

BUT the whole point of it is to use writing as a way to clear blockages and find strategies for managing challenges. The therapeutic uses of writing and journalling are well documented and you can read about the whole Life Edit process here

The Life Edit (Rethink Press)

Spending time every day or even a few times a week to write down what is going on with our lives is really important and I would say even more now than ever before. Taking time out for effective reflection and consideration gives us the opportunity to think about new opportunities and how we could start to make changes.

Lives have changed dramatically since March and continue to every day for a great many people. Job losses, job changes, losing loved ones, being unable to do the things we used to do, being unwell, financial worries and big changes in family dynamics have all taken their toll.

So now is the time to re evaluate and try to make sense of what is happening while we make some plans to move forward. This doesn’t need to be hard, we can do this with grace and ease. 

Schedule some time to start the process and use this mini schedule as a starting point:

Day 1: What has changed for YOU? don’t think about anyone else just focus on YOU and what has really changed in YOUR life. This is not about being selfish, it is about trying to start a process that will empower you to make changes and that will also directly benefit everyone around you too. 

Day 2: How have those changes made YOU FEEL? If you are angry then BE angry and write that down. If you feel SAD then ALLOW that to come through in your writing. Being SCARED is OK too so write down what is making you fearful. This is not about negativity and keeping you in a place of scarcity and fear, sadness and anger. It is about acknowledging how we feel so that we can understand our behaviour better, and accept that all these feelings are totally normal.

Day 3: What would YOU now like to CHANGE in YOUR life? This is YOUR time to start investing in what you want your life to look like in the future. Without taking time to start to imagine, visualise and create a new life it will never happen. Start to write down what you really want your life to be and things you would like to do. Start with single words such as HEALTHY/WEALTHY/FULFILLED/SETTLED/CONFIDENT and go from there.

Day 4: Start to look at YOUR strengths, skills and experience and also look at any challenges you face as you start to build an image of your new life. It is important to acknowledge all that we have in terms of strengths so that we can really use them to their fullest effect. By powering up our very best skills and abilities we can start to see how change can happen with ease, grace and courage. By investigating any challenges we face we can address them and fill those gaps by asking for help or adding resources toour personal development toolkit.

Day 5: Start a plan! Let go of self limiting beliefs that are holding you back, love your life now and the valuable skills and experience that life has given you and accept that you have NO LIMITS to what you can achieve! Get inspired with some creative ideas for change, stay focussed and don’t let fear of failure stop you building a positive future. Edit out of your life anything that is not working or serving you well and embrace those feelings of empowerment! Delete any negative thoughts or actions because they WILL hold you back, and start to define your next life goals. Proceed with great intention and integrity ready for the transformation to begin!

Try this five step plan this week and let me know how you get on.

And if you are still not convinced then read these testimonials 

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Sarah Adams is a journalist (as Sarah Edwards) author and personal development coach. She has more than a decade of experience of working with vulnerable people in very challenging communities, supporting recovering addicts, those with mental health challenges and people who have served prison sentences. She also coaches midlife women keen to make changes to their lives.

Read more at www.sarahadams.me.uk