Vinnie also is known as Vinod Kumar, who started off his career as a School Teacher and then progressed as a social service personal with his imminent need to ensure spreading happiness in the world and especially the once who needed it most. As his social service activity grew in the underprivileged students in the government school in Chandigarh and moved on the different faced of life, he moved ahead as a makeup artist and came to meet several celebrities and people with twisted sexuality. As he worked as a make Artist and stylist, he was in close touch with the various folk of the fashion industry and understood that all that glitters has too many tears within.
He understood that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, LGBT organizations have always begin looked upon as downgraded and isolated from the society and left to struggle their own battles along with all the humiliation from the society. This kind of downtrodden attitude by society and conservative Indian thought process, lead him to work with the Human Rights Law to get the LGBT community its right to live freely with all the respect that they desire in the society to live with their head held high and up in the society.Also to get them the privileges in the society like others, Vinnie turned into a blogger on Instagram, getting the society to give the limelight and the importance to the LGBT and other such sensitive issues that the society is struggling with by and large.
His struggle has been very effective to bring curtain massive changes in the society and especially the conservative Indian society which doesn’t want to think beyond its set limited terms.