How many times when digging around your fridge have you found a wilted bag of spinach or rotten fruit at the bottom of a drawer? More often than not, we grab something that’s right in front of us when we are hungry. Organizing your fridge and kitchen cabinets so the most nutritious choices are front and center can make it easier to eat healthy.

Registered dietitian Joy Bauer has some simple ways to rethink your kitchen. “You’re more likely to eat healthy foods when they’re in plain sight, so keep fresh fruits and vegetables visible,” Bauer tells Thrive. “Do this, and when that afternoon hunger inevitably strikes, you’ll be reaching for apples, grapes, and carrots — instead of potato chips, cookies, and pretzels.” Read on for more of her tips to help you set up your kitchen environment for healthy eating success:

Stash nutritious convenience foods in your fridge, freezer, and pantry 

“Keep staples on hand to make quick and healthy meals. For instance, in the pantry, stock wholesome canned soups — like vegetable, lentil, bean, minestrone — whole grain pasta, rolled oats, brown rice, marinara sauce, canned beans, bags of lentils, low-sodium broth, canned wild salmon, quinoa, and nut butters. In the fridge and freezer, stock nuts/seeds, eggs, fresh and frozen vegetables/fruit, ground turkey, Greek yogurt, plant-based spreads, and flavored sparkling water — I’m obsessed with LaCroix!”

Build an arsenal of five simple, speedy, healthy meals 

“Be sure you have all the ingredients for at least two of these meals on hand at all time. For example, you could try whole grain penne with ground turkey meat sauce — using jarred tomato sauce — and a side of frozen broccoli. Or you could try an omelet loaded with your favorite veggies. Or try turkey or black bean tacos… or even a bowl of lentil soup with a slice of avocado toast on the side.”

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