If you decided to get a dog, you have to be aware of all aspects of living with a dog. For a long time, I wanted to get a dog and wasn’t quite sure about what kind of dog I should get. There are many things to consider when trying to decide, and I was focusing on how many great things and moments I and my new dog will have. I wasn’t realistic, and the truth is simple – having a dog is a huge responsibility.

Start with realizing that your dog will need to get out at least three times a day. Your dog doesn’t understand if you are sick, in a bad mood, if the weather is cold outside, or you aren’t in the mood for a walk. It is easier to share this responsibility with someone, a significant other, or your kids.

There are times when I was so angry with my dog, especially when he was younger and was still learning appropriate behavior, I thought I was going to go mad (he was acting up and knocked my new TV on the floor).

And all of these things don’t even matter when I think about how much I love that dog. It changed me as a person and even got me to lose some weight! I started being active since he is a sheepadoodle, and they are quite active, so I had to keep his pace. I started being more tolerant and learned to control my behavior and reactions. Dogs teach us many things about ourselves and life as well.

I met many wonderful people in dog parks, and some of them even grew into beautiful friendships. The best thing besides getting a lifelong friend that is always happy to see me is that I met my girlfriend of 4 years because of my dog.

We were walking alongside a hill just outside the city I live in, and there we met her, walking her two dogs. If it weren’t for my dog, I would have never met her. Even the conversation was easier since right from the start, we have a common topic to talk about.

Since the time I got a dog, I have been fired; I tried and failed with my first company, opened a second one, got a new job, got engaged, and I am currently expecting to become a father. I have gained some new friends and lost a few more, and there are times when only having a dog kept me sane and on the right track. This is a living being that is completely dependant on us, and I couldn’t stand the thought of failing him. That dog was my friend, my silent counselor, and my support through all sorts of different life situations, and the best thing is that he only expects one thing in return – my love.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that getting a dog is one of the top 10 best things I decided in my life, and 7 of that 10 things happened because of my dog, either directly or indirectly.