Juan Pablo Barahona also known as JuanPa had a very difficult life from a very young age. His brother was diagnosed with a very serious illness and only given 1 to 2 years to live. The family went into crisis mode as a young Juan Pablo Barahona was forced to grow up very quickly and support his family. This led him to have very unrealistic expectations of himself.

“My story started when I was nine years old. It was when my brother got sick, and his doctor said he only had 1-2 years left to live. We went to all the best doctors, but unfortunately, they all gave the same diagnosis. I fully supported our parents as they tried to do everything to save him.That period in my life motivated me to burn my limiting beliefs and start on my path to self-discovery. I felt pain for humanity. There were so many times they’ve been told that something’s not possible, so they stop chasing their dreams, or hoping for anything more.I got obsessed with breaking my limits and helping others do the same.” Recounts Juan Pablo Barahona.

Even though this family crisis ended for Juan Pablo Barahona, it affected his outlook on life immensely and sent him spiraling in a different direction: one where he was partying all the time and losing his will to achieve. His perfection and want to do everything in life became too much for him.

“I wanted to be perfect in everything I did, but I felt that it wasn’t possible. I started being too hard on myself. Always striving for more and then giving my best until one day, I just gave up. I went from one extreme to the other—full-on party mode. I let everything go. It was then that I experienced the deep dark night of my soul. There was only suffering. I wanted to give up because of so much pain. It came to the point that I lost every will to live.” Juan Pablo Barahona remembers.

Thankfully, Juan Pablo Barahona was able to pull himself out of this dark time and find a balance between his two ways of living. From this, he was able to apply himself to different forms of study and learn more about different places in the world. Juan Pablo Barahona began traveling and learning as much as he could with the main goal of bringing all of this studying together to help others.

“Thankfully, I was able to wake up and find the balance between being the best I could be, and also accepting the humanness in me. I allowed myself to fail and acknowledge that things are not always going to come out as I want them to be. What’s important is that I strive to be the best and help others do the same, so I went into studying everything—from mindset, kinesiology, Chinese medicine, yoga, Qigong, energy work, hypnosis, NLP, different types of movement, to all kinds of healing modalities. Everything I could to help myself and others enter our flow state and peak performance.” Says Juan Pablo Barahona.

From all of this learning, Juan Pablo Barahona began three different businesses. His three businesses are very different in scope as Juan Pablo Barahona was able to diversify his life and learn many different tools to create different kinds of businesses that have all been incredibly successful.

“My first business is JuanPa Global. It concentrates on helping companies and entrepreneurs reach their business goals using tools and strategies that enable them to enter their flow state and peak performance. Second, is the Conscious Living School, where we organize online and live events. Our goal is to help people become more conscious of their way of life by teaching them about health, wellness, nutrition, breathwork, healing, and a whole lot more. The third revolves around the method that I’ve created using my decades of experience in coaching people and learning called the Quantum Flow M…