Jude Obiarinze is also recognized as J2O and is a formal division athlete, American scholar, accountant and consultant who deal with Forex practices. He was brought up in Derwood, MD which is an unincorporated area in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States. He belongs to a Nigerian family and his parents have given appropriate knowledge in terms of work ethics at the tender age and they believed that this type of knowledge will help him in education as well as sports. Moreover, his family considered education as a powerful tool to change the world thus he has a strong dedication towards education which assisted him to accomplish the desired goals.

After excelling in high school, he decided to attend Morgan State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting and along with studies he had an interest in athletics so he opts to participate in running the tracks and fields. Having an interest in the accounting field, he graduated with distinction and by having a name in the top 10 percent in the business school and accomplished a place in Beta Gamma Sigma. After college, he went to pursue a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in accounting. This was the first time when he has to shift from one place to another and went many hurdles during that period. While staying at Greensboro, he got injured while playing basketball by dislocating his knee but he took it as a challenge and still obtained his master’s degree in a year while getting recovered from an injury.

After having a master’s degree, he returned home and embarked on his career as an accountant in a small accounting firm. While working into this field, he observed and experienced hurdles such as long hours, stress and tensions which made him question his career decision. In the initial years, he has worked in the commercial sector and began searching for opportunities in the federal public sector. Furthermore, he states that the movie “wolf on wall street” has inspired and assisted him to acquire knowledge of Forex. After gaining inspiration, he searched out many different ways of trading and learned about Forex in 2015 on Face book groups and the rest was history. In 2015, he experienced the rise of Forex on Face book and social media. He had to experience fake gurus and has been scammed thousands from fake mentors with huge followings on Face book. But he did not quit and continued working in this field to become a profitable trader. By being a day trader scalping, he has made thousands and started showing interest in other forms of trading to ameliorate his technical analysis and consistency. Also, he has achieved his childhood goal of working at a Big 4 accounting firm and accomplishing a senior rank. He always wanted to work for a Big 4 accounting firm and it was challenging to get hired as they only hire the top smart people. Fortunately, he was hired in a Big 4 accounting firm to achieve great challenging opportunities and build a big network during his career.

Having a tough time during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been using social distancing time to expand his YouTube channel “J2O Forex journey,” while offering weekly live trading to assist new and experienced traders in the market. To add more, he is consistently posting content on his podcast “My Forex journey from the bottom to the top to be a profitable trader.” To anticipate the plans, he wants to empower other people in this field and master the required skills with dedication and determination. Moreover, he wants to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors. Besides, he plans to visit places around the nation to aid and encourage people to practice and achieve greatness in any field. The main motto of his life is to work hard and endure, and the rest will follow. Many people work hard, but not many endure during the trials and tribulations that helps build character and true success.