Everybody has those days where you can’t do anything, you have a ton of things to do, you’re so overwhelmed with studies, responsibilities, activities, family, but many times it is not about the lack of time, it is just matter of balance in your life.

According to experts, the key to manage our time is to establish priorities at the beginning of the day, creating a sort of schedule with all the tasks to do and determine which one is the most important to accomplish. Also, the key of this is to create these habits of organizing the day and the tasks. 

One example of a correct balance of tasks and responsibilities is given by Julien Simon, an American Football player of the USC. He trains 5 days a week, every day he and his team must work twice a day, that, added to the studies and his personal life, it would seem that the level of responsibilities would drive anyone crazy or someone could think that time is not enough to accomplish every duty. According to Simon, the only way is to prioritize your duties, if it is time of football, that’s all I do, if it is time to study, that’s all I do and so on.

Finally, all we can suggest is to create new habits as organize your day, or establish the most important duties to do, otherwise your life can become even more chaotic than ever.