Phase 1 is complete of my website for Thrive Coaching & Consulting!! It is also connected to my main website, so that you can choose between individual programs and/or ways for me to work in connection to organizations.

I started Thrive in 2012 and it has been a journey that landed me right back to where my passion started me and now with the incredible mastery skill of being a High Performance Coach and merging all my teaching around conscious leadership together. The main focus for my work with organizations are: developing high performance teams through High Performance leadership, culture creation + clarity, communication mastery (especially how to effectively communicate through transition and change) and what systems/processes are needed to accomplish all of the above. 

People are your greatest asset and that is why everything comes back to “Leaders creating change through people”.

It’s a soulful, performance driven, intentional and impactful process that delivers the next level of performance and results. We help individuals and organizations SHIFT from the inside-out ?

You can check out the new site here:

Aside from wanting to share with you my new website, I wanted to share this lesson…something that I haven’t always held myself accountable to (but did this past week and it felt incredible!) 

Stop waiting for it to be perfect. 
Stop waiting until you have ALL the pieces figured out. 
Stop waiting until you have a certain number on your email list, or a certain number of followers or whatever other thing you’re claiming to be important. 

Just put the damn thing out there

Whether it’s a blog post, a new product, a vulnerable post – the momentum that you feel from just doing it and putting it out there is HUGE. You can sit on your ideas forever and continue to make excuses as to why you haven’t put it out there yet, and then feel unsatisfied and frustrated that things aren’t progressing forward. 


You put it out there. 
You tweak it. 
You get feedback. 
You tweak it again. 
You gain momentum and traction and feel PROUD of yourself in the process. 

Because here’s the good news – it’s your life. You can change and evolve whatever you want; just because it’s out there now, doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way forever.  The key lesson is not to overthink it. Be okay with “good enough”, move forward and allow it to naturally evolve and shift over time.  I have been going back and forth on how to incorporate my business work with my more spiritual, personal work and coaching and I’ve been hesitating for SO long on putting anything out there. Then last week, something just hit me; the words just flowed and shit got done and I released my new website. 

It’s not perfect. I know it will keep evolving and changing. But it’s out there. And that’s the important thing. 

This week – take a bold step towards something you’ve been putting off ?