Take three cleansing, deep breaths to bring yourself into the present moment. 

One of the greatest tools we have for centering ourselves is that of our breath. 

We don’t have to think about breathing for it to occur. But when we do, and we elongate the inhales and exhales, we bring a sense of calm to our mind and body.

We slow down time by releasing the thought of it with each cleansing breath.

The message that I am getting frequently right now is to sit in stillness. To deepen my awareness to my breath. 

I long to sit in mediation more and more each day. To tap into the power we have within us where stillness creates magic. 

It’s funny how we naturally push away the simplicity of this practice with the excuse that we don’t have enough time to do it. I know I have and do, but with attention to this I am realizing we can all shapeshift our days to allow this beneficial practice in. 

As you read even, deepen your breaths now. 

Anytime you feel vibrationally off, reactionary, sad, tired, overwhelmed and even joyful, simply soften your gaze, to bring stillness to your thoughts and body. Maybe this is at your desk, maybe this is after you pull into your driveway or before you pull out. For me a golden time is around 5 am before anyone in the house is awake. Get creative here! That is what seems to really be working for me. By being creative and flexible with our approach we can always find small windows of time.

The battle with our fears is a deep rooted one. I wish there was an instant magic potion for this. We may feel as if we have released them but still, we find something is holding us back.

I am curious about these fears. I want you to become curious too.

Sometimes we engage with others in a negative exchange of energy and we are left feeling depleted and fearful. The stickiness of that exchange energetically stays with us until we consciously release it.

I think this is where we need to look these self-doubting thoughts in the face and say, I see you. I recognize you. I do not want to hold onto you. In fact, I want to make peace with you.

I’ve always been under the assumption that we need to ‘let go’ of limiting thoughts, fears, patterns, experiences and people. A new approach that has been gifted to me is working on a deeper level. 

Simply making peace with it. 

Then it naturally energetically falls off.

With him. With her. With those thoughts. With those experiences. 

Just as the yogi ritual of holding the intention ‘namaste’ which is, the light in me bows to the light within you. Taking this gentle approach of peace making with each person, experience, yourself or thoughts is a way of recognizing the fear and honoring it. 

I make peace with everyone who has come into my life’s journey. I honor that they are who are they are and that their time in my story is just that, their time. My time in their story is just that as well. I honor who they are and what they are here to learn. I also honor what I have learned from them. Family, co-parents and friends alike. We may not see things in our journey the same but allowing myself to nod to their presence and make full peace with them is really refreshing. 

Is there someone or something that you feel drawn to energetically make peace with?

Is there is a self-limiting belief that you feel fear has rooted into your existence and you are ready to make peace with?

The two-fold of making peace with someone or something is that this is energetically the gentlest way to essentially let them go. No longer allowing this person or thought to taint your vibrational field. 

I hope this moment of reading and connecting has served you today. I encourage you to find small windows of time, minimally two each day for a ten-minute guided meditation. Allow yourself a moment or two after to simply free write. Ask questions. Don’t judge what comes out, just honor it. Even if you write one word over again and again, then take that word as your guidance. I promise you, magic does come from making this a ritual. You will feel better, more focused, mindful and appreciative of the miracle you are.