Karolina Hobson

She explains that with networking, people can find the right kind of acquaintances, associations and groups that can benefit them for growing their businesses.

Out of the many things that have turned the heads of people and grabbed their attention, the rise and emergence of many astute professionals and entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, have garnered the most headlines. We guess breaking the glass ceiling and pushing the envelope has become a new norm in the business world created by passionate women professionals. Standing tall among them is Karolina Hobson, a versatile talent who believed in her astute visions and thus turned all of them into reality by being an expert marketing professional, best-selling author, investor and entrepreneur.

Karolina Hobson has given more than 15 years to her career working in different niches, which include sales, marketing, PR, leadership, social media and businesses solutions in media. As an expert in social selling, she has spellbound the world with her expertise and excellence and advocates networking in the business realm.

“To reach exponential levels of success and growth, one needs to understand the importance of networking,” highlights Karolina Hobson, whose upcoming book T.H.I.N., Rich, and Happy, which is about personal development and growth, will be releasing in January 2022. T.H.I.N is an acronym for Tribe, Health, Intuition and Network and today; she wants to throw some light on how networking goes ahead in defining one’s success.

Explaining how networking plays an important role in getting people their career success, she explains that networking helps develop and improve one’s skill set and help them stay at the top of the latest trends of their respective industries. It also gives access to more opportunities in business, leading to personal growth and business and career advancement. Karolina Hobson says that networking helps individuals to gain advice, support on challenges and the opportunity to exchange information. This allows individuals to gain greater insights.

The more people network, the more they learn and grow, ultimately making lasting impressions in business. Karolina Hobson says that as a marketing expert and as an entrepreneur in the digital media world, she has learned how to create her circle by networking with people as much as possible. She considers herself as a people person and thus likes to make new acquaintances. Travelling to different countries and developing new relationships is something she loves doing. Also, Karolina Hobson says that teaching others how to develop and build a network is an important skill set she truly enjoys.