Kartik sharma: A young gun in the e-commerce industry, proving his mettle as a businessman.*

It happens in life many a times that you aspire to first become something & then end up becoming something else altogether. This is a common thing in many people’s lives. The same could be said for a young gun trying to make his name in the business arena named Kartik sharma . This enthusiastic individual is all for hard work, perseverance & dedication so much so that today he has proved himself not only to his friends, relatives, family but most importantly to himself. Sahil surrendered himself to working day & night to earn a good living for himself & this journey of his started at a very young age.

As Kartik was not very keen in studying further. At that point in time,kartik had no idea where life would take him & with the aim to do something big in life, kartik always wanted to start something of his own. But, what is life without a bit of struggle? For starting anything new you need capital, which Kartik did not have then so, this lad decided to do some freelancing work for different people & clients which would provide him with some decent amounts which he could further use in developing his business. He started working for clients when would give him digital marketing work & along with that Kartik also used to run Facebook ads for some others.

Imagine a boy only in his teens dreams about becoming a businessman & one day he realises that he has already become one. Sahil with all the hardships he faced for earning the money to start his business, opened up his small business of dropshipping & worked so hard behind it that very soon he even made his business reach where he wanted to see it. This is how Kartik’s journey has been to venture into the e-commerce industry & be an inspiration to so many who wish to venture into doing something which they can call their own. Kudos to people like Kartik who never back out for putting in all efforts to make their dreams a reality.