One of the greatest gifts that the internet has bestowed upon modern society is the ability to hear about the success stories of everyday people solving problems, and creating amazing businesses. 

The same can be said about Kaylee McLaughlin, founder and CEO of the bubbly probiotic water, Kaylee’s Culture.

Kaylee is a mother of three and the wife of a Navy officer. She lived a pretty comfortable lifestyle, but one problem had her searching for answers, which will eventually lead her to bigger things.

“I had always struggled with finding a functional drink I can give my kids that I’d feel good about,” she shares. “One that’s not loaded with sugar and something that they would actually love to have. A lot of parents can relate to this. The choices we are left with are always either milk products or juices. That’s about it, and kids don’t want that.”

Finally getting tired of the search (which went on for years), Kaylee decided she would just make her own solution.

As a proponent of fermented food, Kaylee wanted to create something that specifically targets the gut health of kids.

“I made my own baby formula and baby food and anything you can think of I made from scratch. So when I was developing a drink for my kids, my focus was probiotics. I decided to just add probiotics to water. And I sweetened it with monk fruit and fruit essence. These are what make it appealing to children. This product is both simple and functional.”

After experiencing the benefits of her products not just for her children but for herself as well, she decided she wanted to share her discovery to the world. This is where the idea for Kaylee’s Culture started.

“I started reading books and articles about how to start and run my own business. I listened to podcasts. I wanted to arm myself with as much knowledge as I can because I was really clueless.”

Kaylee got in touch with different people to ask for their help, including a beverage scientist, which before her venture, she didn’t know existed.

“I was cold calling people asking if they could do this or that for me, and it was really challenging. Most said no. But what I realized is that it just takes one person to say yes to get things started.”

Thanks to the support of her husband, family, and friends who even helped her design her logo, Kaylee’s Culture was finally born, and just a couple of years after it was founded, now stands as one of the leaders in the kids’ beverage industry.

Kaylee’s Culture makes it easier for kids to be and stay in good health by providing them with a truly enjoyable and genuinely nutritious drink that’s loaded with a healthy dose of cultured probiotics. And unlike other “healthy drinks” marketed to kids, theirs do not contain added sugar or preservatives and use only non-GMO, organic raw materials.

“I have nothing but endless gratitude for everyone who has in one way or another helped me. Now it’s time to return the favor and help others find their own success story too.”

To know more about Kaylee’s Culture, you may visit their website or follow @kayleesculture on Instagram.