Kazim khan is a symbol of true young inspiration who very keenly keeps up with latest technological advancements and has taken a very substantial step in taking the construction industry to a whole new level.
His enthusiasm and passion for his work carried him towards creating a space and name for himself through his company, Exalter group which is now one of the leading building companies in Delhi as well as in northern India.
He has also shown his passion by administering a renowned trading company called Himas Impex for the last three years.
His road to success has not exactly been a cakewalk. He never stopped until the last drop of adrenaline worked its way. It never seemed to end until he tasted success.
From Mumbai to the United States and finally to the epitome of success where he’s at now, he has come a really long way.
His passion isn’t just limited to his workspace. He is all in, for more of the spark in him to go beyond the usual normal.
It has become almost normal for people to lose the humanity in between their busy life. But Kazim khan has a different point to make out of his life.
Amidst the global pandemic that has struck the world and has the business world on the verge of huge losses, Kazim khan is something more of a different touch.
It seems the old Mumbai kid has not let go of his inborn helping mentality.
His company sent 500 workers home, when they got stuck in lockdown, right in the middle when the company was dealing with some aftereffects of the pandemic.
At a time, when everyone would be fussing about their personal gain, Kazim khan proved to be a lot more human than the others.
The social service in someone just doesn’t prove to be true, only when they work.
It comes out and shows up in circumstances like these. He might not be seen working for this on a daily basis. But holding out a helping hand, when someone is in the most need takes bravery. It takes a real brave and helpful man to take such a step in a crisis time. He outdid every other businessmen right then and there.

His story isn’t just an inspiration for entrepreneurs. He is living proof that, it doesn’t matter if we have to start from scratch. It doesn’t matter, where we are from. It’s all about the faith we have in ourselves and the work we put in.
On the way to catch success, many a people fail to stay human.
Being a true empath, Kazim Khan has shown us that he is beyond just the normal businessmen we see around. He is not just a symbol of success, but a true human. A human who cares, who works tirelessly, who achieves, who helps and knows what humanity is.