I was running late to submit a proposal. When I arrived, I saw cars parked on the road and people running with white envelopes. It then dawned on me that the people who were running were going to submit the same proposal. It was 11 am or never. I parked the car and jumped out and also ran. I was grateful that I had not worn high heels that day. When we arrived and saw the number of proposals that had been submitted already, the man who was next to me said with full of discouragement.” Why did we waste our time.” We all ran with hope to win the proposal.

Year 2021 has been challenging, with many people losing their jobs due to unforeseen company closures. Most businesses that could not adapt to change were forced to close. Some wished they could press the pause button or reset button of life so that they could find themselves. Unfortunately some lost family members also robbing them of bread winners. As the year goes many people could be feeling like the man who I ran with for submission of a business proposal. They have run the race of life and they feel hopeless because they cannot see themselves as winners. Most people who have succeeded in life even when they lost everything never lost hope. Losing everything can be because of wrong decision made, taking high risk financially then you find yourself in a bankrupt situation. It could also be because of unforeseen circumstances like COVID pandemic. If you know that no season is permanent no matter how a situation presents itself you can rise again. It’s in holding on to your dream no matter what that will give you strength to rise up again.

Maybe year 2021 is not a productive year for you because you have not yet met any of your goals for yourself and your business. Maybe circumstances are forcing you to close shop. The people who have succeeded despite challenges did not overlook or underestimate their challenges but they faced them.

In my book ‘The dream’ I state to “perceive your dream, Know where you are, to determine where you want to go. Know who you are are, to determine who you want to be. Know who you are not, to determine what you should do to be who you should be. Know where you are not, to determine what you should do to go where you need to be.’

Maya Angelou once said “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” There is hope for everyone as long as you can breathe its never too late.  The year 2021, Keep dreaming, the race ain’t over yet!