Have you ever been in a situation where everything seems not to be working well? You have tried to make ends meet, worked hard for a very long time to better your life. All efforts seem to be vain as you keep experiencing little or no results. You feel like you want to quit. Perhaps you don’t want to try anymore. The more you try, the more it keeps failing. You’ve thought to yourself countless times, “oh, life isn’t fair”. “Where exactly did I get it wrong?” And to crown it all, it seems like you’re lagging among your peers.

At this point, what do you do? Where do you go from here? Will it still be worth it to keep pushing or to quit? You might have heard this saying over and over again that winners are not quitters. No man ever emerges a winner without having to fight for the prize. Keep your hope alive! 

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All might not seem bright and pleasant now, and it might not be all that rosy. You may still work a little more complicated than before, but one thing should constantly make you press, and that is the zeal to finish strong. 

While you live every day, you should be hopeful. Dark days will not last forever because after rain comes sunshine. However dark the tunnel is, there will always be light at the end of it. 

So, don’t lose hope, don’t give up and don’t faint. Keep working harder till you get there. Yes, there is a place called “there”, where you will finally give a deep sigh of relief and say to yourself, “I made it”. 

Now, if you lose focus, how can you get “there”?

5 Healthy Tips To Keep Your Hope Alive

• Stay positive

You need to develop your mind to embrace positivity always. Your mind is the bank of all success. You cannot achieve your goal physically until you have settled it in the subconscious realm, which is the mind. There is power in thinking either positive thoughts or negative thoughts. So to pull through the storms of life and remain hopeful, prepare your mind.

• Embrace whatever comes (both good and challenging)

In aiming higher, you need to prepare for whatever comes your way, whether good or bad. This preparation helps you to build resilience whenever you are struck down. You will always bounce back and keep moving. Accept positive criticism too.

• Take one step at a time

 When you go too fast, and try to think, eat, talk and move around in your world quickly, things don’t work out too well.

Stress builds up. Negative thoughts about anything start to spring up, and your strength decreases. But if you slow down just for a few minutes and take one step at a time, then your mind and body calm down too. It becomes easier to think things through vividly again and easier to find the optimistic and constructive perspective.

• Begin each day with new goals

Always have your set of goals written down daily and plan towards achieving at least 80% of it. This point is significant because it helps you to evaluate yourself and always keep yourself in check.

• Boost your self-esteem

When you build powerful self-esteem, things drag you down less, and they don’t ruin your day as much anymore. Negativity from within and others bounces off you much more often instead.