I had the privilege of speaking with Kelly Wing. She is a multi-6-figure Investor and Entrepreneur from New Zealand who travels the world, helping leaders take their impact and influence to the next level. She believes that if leaders worked more on their level of self-worth and self-love than they did on their skill, they would more easily attract all it is they desire into their lives. In this article Kelly shares 5 ways to manifesting Wealth and Abundance to empower us in living a full and free life like we deserve.

Shift From A Scarcity Mindset To An Abundance Mindset.

On two occasions I hit rock bottom financially, both times I was over $10,000 in debt. The first time was during the 2018 recession. It wasn’t until the second time I hit rock bottom that I realised I wasn’t viewing myself as a person who was worthy of having wealth and abundance, so my everyday actions were in alignment with the belief I had about myself. All of the wealth and abundance we desire is within reach, we simply have to rewrite our beliefs before we can attract more of it into our lives. A person with an abundant mindset sees an abundance of everything – money, love, opportunities etc, which means they open themselves to all of this flowing naturally and easily to them. A person with a scarcity mindset lives from a place of fear and lack, and believes there is only a finite amount of money, love, and opportunities etc. When we live from a place of lack, we close ourselves off to attracting more wealth and abundance into our lives. We signal to our subconscious minds that we aren’t able to have what we desire. And that becomes our reality.

You Don’t Have To work That Hard, Really.

For two months straight, I worked 13 hour days as I believed that “if I work hard now, I can enjoy my freedom later”. Truth is, the process was unenjoyable and because I was unhappy, I wasn’t creating the outcomes I wanted nor was that way of life sustainable. I had no friends, no social life and no one could relate to me. Now I’ve learned that combining the right opportunity with the right resources is a recipe for success where less time, effort and energy is required. Get connected with the right mentors, communities and networks and remember that the most wealthy and abundant people never got to where they are by doing it alone. When we begin to exponentially grow our wealth, we realise that making money is actually quite simple. This mindset alone allows us to focus more on doing what we love, because we know money is going to flow to us easily, regardless. And because we are now doing more of what we love, money follows – increasing our wealth and abundance even further.

Avoid Using The Words “I can’t afford it”

Both times I hit rock bottom financially, I still made sure to never let these words come from my mouth. I was able to bounce back from rock bottom quickly because I knew the power of words and speech as it directly signals to our brain what’s possible. By using the phrase “I can’t afford it” we tell ourselves that, given all the money there is in the world, there is still only a limited pool available to us which means we are not open to any more flowing our way. We block ourselves off from any new opportunities that may arise. If you want to buy something but you know you shouldn’t, use the words “this isn’t a priority right now with the money I have” instead. And then ask yourself “With the funds I do have, how can I use this in a way that is going to give me freedom and fulfilment in the long-term?” 

Show Up As The Women You Want To Be, Now

Even if you are still in the process of becoming her. Stop and pause for a moment to ponder on the ‘future’ version of you. How does she walk? How does she talk? How does she dress? Who does she surround herself with? Where does she like to hang out? What does her daily routine look like? When you take aligned action in accordance with the future version of you, you begin to create a new identity. And when you create a new identity, you start to morph into the future version of you, attracting more and more happiness, joy, wealth, love, and abundance. For as long as we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll only ever get what we’re currently getting.

Be Open To Creating New Streams Of Income

Keep an open mind when it comes to creating new income streams – especially online. Most people wait till a recession is over before they start creating new streams of income, but it’s those who put in time and energy to create during the recession that flourish after the recession is over, and beyond. During a recession, there is still an abundance of people seeking solutions to a problem. It’s more than possible to stay profitable during a recession if we choose to keep an abundance mindset. Put on your problem-solving hat and see what services you can offer that provide a solution for people during this time. If you’re unsure what services you can offer, look for online courses or programs (by reputable Entrepreneurs) who show you how to do this. Once you’ve completed the course, you now have a lifelong skill. Combine this with the rest of the mindset tips in this article and your level of impact and influence will skyrocket.
If you’re finding yourself stressed financially during this time of uncertainty, tip number 5 is a good place to start with. Then as you begin to create new streams of income, continually practice tips 1-4 to grow yourself mentally and emotionally. All of these 5 tips combined is your recipe for success during this transition we are facing together as a society. Choose to believe that you will come out the other side wealthier and more abundant than ever.