Kento Masuda is a Renaissance man. While straddling the lines of worldly maestro-composer and nature-loving hedonist, Masuda is the embodiment of fine art in the form of human composition. His formal titles read like a list of heroic and historic hierarchy: Knight of The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Malta, Count from the Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich, Commander of Justice to the St. Giorgio di Borgonga, and Maestro to the Vatican in the Order of St. Sylvester’s Knights. His compositions, influenced by the likes of Bach and Beethoven, have classical direction with contemporary flare, beloved by all who are present to listen.

An exclusive player of Kawai pianos for the last six years, Kento Masuda has been honored with the Crystal Grand Piano, with which he travels throughout the world for concerts accompanied by the piano’s personal fine artisan tuner. This incredible one-of-a-kind instrument, built for Masuda’s sole use, is worth one million dollars. “I am extremely honored,” he says, “to show off this masterpiece at all of my concerts, and being the Vatican’s Maestro Composer, I’m privileged to play often to audiences across the globe.”

Kento Masuda found his love for piano at the tender age of five years old, recognized as a child prodigy. By age ten years old, he had won his first Yamaha Junior Original Concert Competition. At age 17 he was not only playing professional piano in Manhattan with famed producers such as Phil Rubin and Lee Shapiro, but released his first album, “Wheel of Fortune.” Since then, Kento Masuda has released nine additional albums, with another likely scheduled to release this year. They are available on all music platforms including Apple, Tidal, and Spotify.

Extremely well rounded, versed in the depths of philosophy, science and music, Masuda spends much of his time reflecting in the beauty of nature. One look into his deep and soulful eyes tells the story of a intensely cerebral personality with an intricate and ever innovative mind. When asked of his current endeavors he will effortlessly detail an upcoming concert at St. Sylvester in Rome, his pending album release, and will earnestly smile through the sentence, “I’m also composing a classical march piece that an Imperial Royal Highness has commissioned.”

Kento Masuda’s spirit of tender courage and piercing intelligence renders through all that he does. Traveling constantly, he recently attended the 61st Annual Grammy Awards as a voting board member, swiftly jetted off to Tokyo, and will imminently depart for Rome in preparation of his St. Sylvestre concert in May which will kick off Masuda’s summer tour – all in the dashing grace and elegance fans recognize him for.

Aside from his many forays into the upper echelons of Royal society, Kento Masuda has moonlighted in a series of other endeavors including starring in a film by famed haute couture designer Yohji Yamamoto and additionally composing original pieces for his Paris fashion show several years ago. Masuda can seemingly do it all.

As we move into the summer months all eyes will be on Kento Masuda as he prepares for his European tour with his million dollar Kawai Crystal Grand Piano at his fingertips. Fans would be wise to purchase their tickets to his events well in advance as the shows will undoubtedly sell out only hours as they become available. Keep abreast of Kento’s album release and concert dates at; we wait with bated breath to see what he delivers next.


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