Kenza Boutrif

Instagram has proved to be a platform that can launch the careers of influencers and models alike and the key to unlocking this success comes down to the follower base. If you want to rise to the top of the platform, then you will need a loyal follower base. Instagram helped launch the career of North London Model Kenza Boutrif, whose page caught the attention of a model scout.

If you’re not consistent, you’ll never finish. The Key is Consistency to who you want to be, When you working on a dream at some point something happens that stops you from working on it consistently. You will fail again & again, you will face disappointments and defeats but when you’re consistent in your actions you keep doing what you can to make it work only then you can finish what you started she said.

Faith is an elusive thing. It’s often much easier to have faith in someone or something else than it is to have faith in yourself. Yet if you’re going to achieve your goals, it’s the one essential thing you need to have. She says, if you believe you can reach your goals, then your mind operates with the highest possible amount of receptivity to detect opportunities. When you have clear goals you start to notice all the elements needed to reach them, simply because the clarity of your goals gives meaning to those elements as they reveal themselves to you.

Boutrif says you need to know your audience. If you can identify who you are trying to appeal to, it will be easier to create compelling content that they will enjoy. Boutrif says, “Self-discipline and self-belief are the keys to reaching success. Kenza Boutrif believes that great content is essential for success. Self-belief means that you should have enough self-confidence to change, but not overestimate your abilities, as that could become a fixed mindset attitude. You should be willing to grow and adapt but still have ideas about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on the weaker areas.