Kevin Fornier is an ‘inspiring outlier’ who coaches disruptive entrepreneurs and CEO’s of the 21st century to commit to a bold vision as if their success was already guaranteed. 

A former Human Resources Manager at the head office of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, Kevin was known for helping others embody their superpower by building trust and speaking to their souls. He served multiple industries in his corporate career, such as building construction, recruitment firms, aeronautic, and aerospatial, until leaving behind his corporate career to travel the world.

Despite having what seemed like the ideal career from the outside, Kevin was feeling unsatisfied with the conventional 9-5 life. He quit his job and embarked on a year-long expedition backpacking through South East Asia.

“While traveling, I realized that the ‘outside-in’ approach to life couldn’t bring me fulfillment: the appearance of the life of a world traveler didn’t make me happier than the one of a young corporate leader. I started to create my world from the ‘inside-out’ by using my mind’s power and the universe’s natural laws. That is when everything shifted”

These past life experiences have led Kevin to found and host the upcoming free virtual Masters of Manifestation summit, to be held on 1-10 December, 2020. During this summit, attendees will learn how to manifest their dreams and desires into reality, learning from inspiring entrepreneurs including VIP speaker Richard Wurman, founder of the TED conference and 19 other inspiring entrepreneurs and game-changing leaders.

The courage to step into your highest self

The disruptive entrepreneurs and CEO’s of the 21st century are those with a vision so big and bold that they are trapped in wondering how to get there.

When they are ready to be vulnerable enough to dare to be coached towards their heartfelt ideas, intuition, callings, and visions, they let go of the “I can do it all by myself” mentality and open themselves up to the unknown. This is where they become even more creative, courageous, committed, and begin to inspire others to do the same.

Kevin helps people uplift their self-image, align themselves (mentally, intellectually, and emotionally) with their vision, and support them in taking the scary and needed steps to get closer to what they have always desired to achieve — easily and effortlessly.

A leap of faith towards your dreams

By nourishing the belief that you already achieved the desired outcome, your world becomes a gathering of synchronicities to make you live this reality in easy, fast, and straightforward ways.

“Manifestation is taking a leap of faith towards an idea/intuition to materialize it into physical form by defying time, space, and common sense. It is a whole new approach to achieving goals by assuming that your beliefs create your reality.”

A spiritual revolution is upon us

More and more millennials and Gen-Z are on a quest to find more meaning in their lives.

While we understand that money is needed (and can be used in good and virtuous ways), we have now realized that money isn’t the only goal.

Purpose and the need for fulfillment is the foundation needed to create a drastic shift in humanity (which Kevin calls “the spiritual revolution”). Once this takes place, wellbeing becomes an essential part in people’s desires.

“Most people think your bank account measures success. But the truth is, real success takes place when you’re able to wake up each morning with a smile.”

Kevin’s courage to look within, surrender to his intuitions, do what feels right, and act with faith (as if his success were guaranteed), has without a doubt enabled him to build a thriving life filled with inspiration and impact.