Ever since he was a child, Kevin Lo has been as ambitious as they come. He grew up in Los Angeles, California – Oak Park to be exact, an area saturated with diverse families; each with their own dreams and aspirations. In his childhood, Kevin drew inspiration from the fast lifestyle of his surroundings. LA is known as the city where people come to make their dreams come true, growing up there instilled in him a relentless desire to achieve his goals. As a teenager, his life revolved around football. He had always been an amazing player which is why he took his passion for sports further. In college, he joined the team hoping he’d pursue a career in professional football. However, life has its own plans and it seems that the universe had something else in store. His experiences throughout the years had been preparing him for the role of an entrepreneur. So, it was only a matter of time until Kevin realized that there was a life beyond sports waiting for him.

Because of his background as an elite athlete, Kevin already knew what true commitment felt like. The discipline ordained in him playing on the field was enough to kickstart his entrepreneurial journey. So, he took a leap of faith and ventured into the world of business. Being passionate about health, he recognized the chance to help people live their best life. Little did Kevin know, that his presence on social media would go on to change thousands of lives worldwide. By making a significant, positive impact his social media following was growing every day.

From speaking about physical fitness to educating people on the water they are drinking, He helps people set achievable goals and he commits to them for the long haul. His discipline and work ethic enabled his business model to pave his way to financial freedom and a rapidly growing team globally, not just for himself but for all team members. You can connect with Kevin on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kevindlo/