Kevin Thobias

Some people are believers, and some are naysayers. Everyone has a hunch they follow.  Some take their decisions based on thorough research, and some just go with their gut feeling. This brief story is about a believer. Meet Kevin Thobias, a fortunate stock market investor with vision, guts and self-trust. Kevin made a huge fortune by just  believing in himself. 

A whole new stratum of investors have emerged lately—mainly firm believers in cryptocurrencies. These investors made millions in digital ledger entries without exiting into cash. Kevin is also a stock market investor. He was an early believer in Tesla, and rightfully so. Tesla had the potential of blowing up. Kevin saw the opportunity and grabbed it. Like the saying goes -” The early bird catches the worm”.  His reward was huge. 

Disregarding the advice from the skeptics, he invested $2 million in the electric car and clean energy company stock and exited with $12 million.  His investment paid off. Kevin had always been fascinated with the brand. He said – “I’ve always loved the Tesla brand. I felt that it was severely undervalued. Even with some of their manufacturing problems, their financials were positive, and they clearly had the capability to scale up,  so for me, the investment made sense.” Even though people around him criticized his decisions, he trusted himself, and went with his gut. 

Kevin said – “It all comes down to whether you trust yourself enough to take the risk. Taking the leap wasn’t easy, but it was worth it”. Investing in Tesla might have been a  controversial decision earlier but now Kevin’s decision has made him successful. With the newly acquired wealth and his love for sustainable, innovative, and high-tech projects, Thobias is now focused on his long-term investing deals. His sights are on disruptive tech companies that have the potential to make the world a better place.

He is intrigued by genomics, in particular. Genomics is all about gene editing. It is a highly delicate area that requires the most careful approach because of the danger of unforeseen consequences of intervening with the human genes. However, Thobias is aware of the unique role genetic editing can play in the future with solutions like anti-aging, increasing life expectancy, reducing genetic predisposition for the disease, and mitigating other health issues  

There are many new biotechnological companies which show huge promise after all, biotech companies are the future. Kevin researched many biotech companies to invest in, the entrepreneur recently got interested in a Swiss-American biotech company, CRISPR Therapeutics.  With his track record of successful investments and razor sharp vision, Thobias is ready to make the most out of his investment. He is dedicated to creating business opportunities that will serve as a springboard and give him financial leverage to invest in genetic engineering, biotechnology, and other dramatic breakthroughs.  

On top of investing in biotech, Kevin has launched a clothing brand that is designed to cater to a unique and elevated taste. His fashion line called “Thobias” is for women who don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. The apparel line promises to make elegant clothing available without burning a hole in the pockets. It is  high-quality, U.S. manufactured clothing that is inspired from European fashion.  Thobias is determined to be a major competitor in the women’s retail sector, especially in the upper echelon of clientele who are after elegance and singularity. The brand is slated for launch in May this year at the time when the world will hopefully be shrugging off the effects of the pandemic. 

Kevin Thobias is a huge advocate of “No guts, no glory”. He believes that if you believe in yourself enough, you are capable of doing anything. Not everyone is born lucky, you need to choose your moments wisely and trust yourself. The fact that Kevin’s entire journey is based on self-trust says success begins the moment you start believing. 

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