At present, there is a big number of business owners, particularly startup founders and early-stage entrepreneurs, who rely too much on social media and its influence on online users. However, isolating your business and relying on social should not be your core growth strategy. Stop hiding behind social media and pretending to be busy and start prospecting and networking virtually and in person.

Why social media should not be your core growth strategy

With such rapid advances in digital and mobile technology and the proliferation of the Internet, it has become impossible to separate an individual from his or her gadget, which allows for the convenience of accomplishing tasks efficiently. The Global Overview Report of DataReportal released in January 2021 stated that 4.66 billion people or 59.5 percent of the world’s population are Internet users and among these, 4.20 billion are active social media users. With those statistical data, there is a rapidly growing importance for electronic commerce. That said, social media has become a very attractive platform for business owners to reach prospective clients and partners at present. Despite the need to adapt to the changes of contemporary times, business owners should not be heavily reliant on social media for the growth and profit of their businesses.

It is essential to begin prospecting and networking virtually and in person in order to master your dominant market position and to refine your unique value proposition. By taking action beyond your screen, you will be able to engage directly and verbally with prospects, clients, and partners, rather than indirectly interacting through limited written snippets on social channels. Through this, you will be forced to improve and solidify your marketing message and articulate the reason as to why the marketplace should choose you to do business with, which increases competitive advantage. Despite the benefits and success, you have achieved through launching with the help of social, you will need far more than that to grow and scale your business.

What to do instead

Social media has become an essential tool for humans to properly function daily and it is arguably an extended part of an individual. However, as a business owner, it is important to diversify; you should not limit yourself within the confines of social media. Growing your business necessitates you to master the business-building fundamentals of lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing, and lead conversion, as well as client onboarding, customer service, client retention, staff training or development, and business finance.

If you find these prerequisites challenging to fulfill on your own, you should leverage the expertise of an independent business growth advisor to lessen your learning curve, accelerate your time to market, and create a foundation for building and maintaining a profitable business.

Who can steer you in the right direction?

If you are unsure of the direction of your business or concerned about the sustainability of your business given the changing times and diversity of market demands, then it is time to take measures ensuring your growth and progress. Rather than experiencing underperformance due to an excess allocation of attention and budget to social media marketing, you can develop your business and increase your profits through the customer-driven growth strategies I, Kevin Wessels, generate and recommend.

RevSherpas LLC is a boutique business growth advisory and customer experience strategy consulting firm for small to mid-sized businesses and as its founder and managing director, I am here to guide you on how to accelerate growth for your business. With my experiences in the consulting industry for over a decade and my internationally proven and proprietary Client Connect!™ formula, I can teach you strategies about revenue growth acceleration and methods to expand businesses on a global scale. While many people are only focused on marketing client acquisition techniques, they ignore how to enhance, retain, and expand their client relationships. That’s the void that Client Connect!™ formula and I aim to fill.


Social media can be an influential tool to garner attention from avid users of online platforms, but the process of scaling a business is a tedious feat, which occurs beyond screens of gadgets. Direct and verbal engagements with prospects, clients, and partners are imperative for your business growth.