Stepping into a leadership role for the first time is an unnerving situation for anyone, so the first step is to acknowledge that your feelings are normal. Everyone feels nervous and suffers from the “impostor syndrome” to some degree. However, there have been many women who have previously been in that same situation. By taking advice from successful women, you’ll feel less anxiety about taking on your new role.

Determination Can Get You Through Anything

New leaders often go through periods of self-doubt, especially when multiple challenges overwhelm them. Looking back on her own experiences, Nazani Tea entrepreneur Arleen Ouzounian advises women to stay determined in pursuing their careers. She says the women who stay the course and persevere through difficult challenges are the ones who will achieve the greatest successes.

Give Something Back

People tend to perform better when they can do something that will give them a boost of confidence. Helen Georgio, who manages Buzz Talent, Buzz Mode, and Buzz Celebrity, says the trick is to do something impactful in society. She advises up-and-coming women to look for ways to give back to their communities. Through improving another’s life, you can give more meaning to your own life.

Take Advantage of New Opportunities

Founder of LKI Consulting, Laura K. Inamedinova suggests female entrepreneurs and women in leadership roles should actively embrace new opportunities. While this requires practice to notice new opportunities as they arise, women shouldn’t be afraid to seize them. This provides access to new avenues for success while showing you that you have the expertise and passion to succeed.

Think Big

Entrepreneur Gabrielle Breton says women shouldn’t be afraid to pursue ambitious visions. By thinking ahead, you can anticipate challenges that might otherwise take you by surprise. This allows you the opportunity to implement innovative new ideas that will help you break new ground. Ms. Breton says, once you no longer let fear stop you, the potential power you’ll feel will take you to new heights.

If these suggestions haven’t helped you, look for insights from your own mentors. Drawing strength from other successful female entrepreneurs can help you excel in any challenge you take on. Once you dive in and start making progress, all of your fears will suddenly seem irrelevant, and you’ll be focused on achieving your next goal.