Khushi Chamaria was born on September 10th ,2001 in Kolkata.
Khushi is a college student pursuing mass communication and journalism. She is currently working as a social media manager as a side work. While pursuing her degree she realized she could be much more amazing being a freelancer social media manager.
As for he schooling she is a outstanding student & completed her schooling from Shri Shikshayatan school with humanities subject scoring 87% .
Khushi mentions her mother as her role model . She says that her mom is just a housewife but still she admires her as when she sees her working she just admires how easily and beautifully she manages to maintain everything around and herself. This managing quality is something she wants to take for herself. Khushi adds that in any difficult situation the first thing she does is to not panic at all and thinking calmly about the solutions to the problem. She also mentions that her work and her family is her biggest motivation. It gives her motivation to keep growing and becoming better in her respective field day by day.
She says that the thing she likes the most in her field is networking. As one gets to gain knowledge about different things and get to know new people. She says that till date she has interviewed many experienced and renowned people till now and has even done few podcasts. She has worked for not just nation based but also several international clients.
Khushi gives a word to public based on her own experience that no one is perfect and school exams and papers can never tell the capability you hold. She says that one can do a lot better than the result obtained on that paper. It’s important to have faith and belief on yourself, god and humanity. Everyone has their own weakness and strengths and one should work accordingly.