Jeudos is a revolutionary platform that enables individuals, brands, and enterprises the ability to go live with people with influence, to go live on social media on several occasions. Broadcasting live video has become a robust tool for brands, businesses, and influencers alike. Facebook recently stated that live video generates 6x more interactions than regular a regular. Jeudos features prominent influencers, ranging from Yohan Blake, Olga IanChuk, Jordan Moore, and much more.

Jeudos started March of 2020 by Bobby Craig, a self-taught computer programmer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, A&R, and Founder and CEO at Jeudos, which he founded during the quarantine of March 2020 in New Jersey. He was born and raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica, He later moved to Brooklyn, NY, in 2002 with his family and then moved to New Jersey a year later, where he attended school.

Bobby Always looked at America as the “Land Of Opportunities, so moving to America to work on his goals and aspiration was a dream come true. Bobby comes from an agricultural background in Jamaica, where he learned the art of patience and timing from living with his grandparents in the agriculture industry, from living on farmland to planting and reaping his fruits. At the age of 16, Bobby started his social endeavor on myspace, where he was first introduced to HTML website coding and became good at website layout and developments then later were paid to work on other people’s designs for money.

So how does Jeudos Work for Users?
The user requests an Influencer. Upon approval, book the service of of the Influencer via the JEUDOS’ platform.

How does it work for the Influencer?
The Influencer will receive a request for someone wanting to book them on the Jeudos platform.

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