Sometime parents try to push their kids for dreams and desires which they were unable to fulfill or had failed or to pursue their own path of success, unnecessary expectations which not only put kid soft mind under chaos but also under unwanted and unduly pressure,

Stress of being kid today

No doubt, parents always think for the happiness of their kids and keep on worrying about their good future, for the same worry and thought process, they try to create and decide the path for their kids by self,

The path on which parents have walked, the pebbles and stones they have come across on the way, the shadow and sun they have witnessed, they want their kids to walk the same path as they have and known by them, no doubt, out of love and care it is a very noble thought process,

The path we walked and kids walk…

Have you ever tried to ponder and introspect on three eternal questions:

  1. Isn’t the fact that with time the path and course of path changes, doesn’t the new challenges are thrown up with time across our journey, so how can our past experiences be helpful and beneficial to the new generation,
  2. Isn’t it that every kid is a image of their parents, the values are given by parents but the abilities or talent within are bestowed as God gift, so the path on which parents have achieved success, is it mandatory that kids will also achieve same and find bliss, as a parent can you be sure of it,
  3. Ain’t the new challenges and struggles not beneficial to the kids, every new question opens the door for new answer, so why should we keep our kids away from new challenges, questions and struggle, ponder, is this helpful or loss to them,
Question yourself?

Means, as parents we should focus on building their character and values rather focusing too much on building their future through us, and we should be able to equip them with adequate knowledge and confidence to face those new struggles, questions and challenges, this equipping and boosting their morale will be more helpful and beneficial for them to walk on the path with faith in their abilities and nurturing they have received,

Challenges, struggle and questions..are opportunity

With time journey changes, although foundation remains same, we should use that particular foundation to build pillars of tomorrow by using knowledge, confidence, love and care as bricks to the arriving future,

Let us paint their future with love, confidence and knowledge

Think over sometime.. and try to get answers,