Life is full of challenges… You cross one and get ready to face another. But with every successful attempt to overcome the difficulties, one gets sufficient amount of courage to get ready to face another battle.

All of us must have heard the phrase “Nothing is impossible”, and few of us have had heard about its complete version that is “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I-m-Possible”.  This famous quote was said by Audrey Hepburn. The following quote has inspired many lives as it gives a strong sign of positivity.

Growing up through the adolescent age, Kimmy Nagpal was awestruck by glamour, merchandising trends and fashion statements. Despite the challenges and social taboos, she started traveling & blogging and turned into an influencer in 2019. She aims to travel the world, get educated about cultures and continue to capture fashion in a beautiful way for the world to see.

She says Nothing is impossible. If you don’t agree, your whole life you’ll be incapable of moving, creating, evolving, seeing your dreams come true, being happy, of having everything you imagined. If you think that something is impossible, you’ll never achieve it and your dreams won’t come true.

It’s possible to be grateful for what you have, even the things for which you don’t believe gratitude is due or necessary. It’s possible to have a positive, optimistic, future-oriented disposition that infects those around you.

All the things you believe are not possible, are possible for you. You are surrounded by overwhelming evidence that this is true. All you have to do is decide and act, and everything is possible said Kimmy Nagpal.

If you’re in a city you’ve never been, and you don’t have a MAP or clarity about where you want to go, it’s not very likely you’ll end up in a place you truly want to be.

In the same way, in life, if you don’t know what YOU REALLY WANT, you’re not likely to ever arrive where you want. You’ll wander around aimlessly, doing the next comfortable thing to get by, living with a hole in your soul, like almost everyone else on this planet.

When you have CLARITY about what you want and why you want it, your entire life changes.

Everything is possible on the off chance that you attempt and you continue working at it till you achieve it. Numerous individuals do say things like it is impossible. When you consider it, you understand that nearly anything is possible Nagpal quoted.