We are hardwired to notice danger and fearful thoughts have so much attraction! When we’re stirred up it feels like the way out of that is to get more information so we can figure out what will help us get the ground back under our feet and be safe. Compulsive searching for answers can actually make fear worse.

We know we need to take a step back. We rest so our system can heal then space opens up and we know what to do. When you’re too agitated or anxious, trying to relax can feel impossible. If that’s going on with you, try something more physical, like walking in nature, going for a swim, or a favorite from these Emergency Self Care practices.

Take this as a good opportunity to practice kindness within. Core deficiency stories, like “I’m unworthy”, are fed by the evidence we have painstakingly gathered to support that belief. We might have strong momentum of fear or despair flooding our mind and body. It can feel a bit unsafe to let our guard down and relax.

The antidote to fear is to practice kindness and compassion for ourselves. We stop shaming ourselves for our natural reactions to danger. When we feel anxious or afraid, we might comfort ourselves with the warmth of our hand on our heart. Our nervous system/primitive brain survival system reacts instinctively to keep us safe. Self-regulating through opening a space for compassion is a practice that we cultivate over and over until that becomes second nature. We are kind to ourselves. This is the antidote to fear.

Learn more about thought interacting with your nervous system in this video from a recent workshop.

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