Business is more exciting than any game! The beauty of it comes from the learning experiences- the trials, the failures, and successful moments. Business as an engagement often presents to us the best tragedies in life: not getting what we want and achieving our objectives. Albert Einstein once advised humanity to never stop questioning: to learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. Kira Graves agrees with these affirmations and insists that there are no secrets to success in business. You just need to have a learning attitude and translate any new knowledge into action.

Kira Graves is an entrepreneur, executive leadership coach, and licensed psychologist. Her passion for business started at the age of 10 while assisting her father in his engagements. Graves was a young lady, focused and determined, but most of all, extremely inquisitive. She observed how the most inspirational person in her life was running the family business. The tribulations, trials, and successes were evident, and she never failed to question the basis of these outcomes. As she grew older, Graves realized that there are specific management skills and traits that are needed in any business venture.

The tragedy of never getting what we want often presents learning experiences. Graves insists that anyone who has never made a mistake is not a risk-taker. The passion for business stems from the basic ideology that you must know what needs to be done to become successful and doing all that is needed without any fear. Regardless of the outcome, you can only understand the ramifications of specific moves and decisions you made by reflecting on your past, learn from the mistakes, then move ahead with a better mindset. But how many people acknowledge the essence of this wisdom?

Graves usually meets young aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow and become better in their respective engagements. She is always inspired by the resilience shown by some of these people. However, Graves is worried that a good number of them lack patience as an attribute. The cross-training experiences Gravesattained before joining college enabled her to interact with business clients from different fields. It was easy to tell that most of them understood the meaning of “enough”. The struggle to make good profit margins is real, but few appreciate the little they make, and the progress they establish for their businesses. It is about celebrating the small wins and taking time to plan for the next big achievement. Enough is knowing when to stop, restart, and go again; patience is at the core of this business virtue.

Graves wants to share her insights with everyone she meets. It is realistically impossible, but she is making a difference by coaching entrepreneurs and leaders to understand the beauty of business.