Know The Truth About Whether You're Building or Destroying... Dre Baldwin

You either build or destroy. 

Every thought, word and action that comes from you is either making things better for you and others (and the world in general), or it’s making things worse. 

There is no neutral. 

Everything in life is always moving. Knowledge grows and evolves. Technology gets faster. Tastes change. Plants and animals are given birth to, live, and pass away. 

All the while, time steadily marches on

Nothing stays exactly the same. Anything that looks unchanged is actually getting worse: if the world is moving and you’re standing still, you lose by default. 

Imagine someone standing still on a moving treadmill. It won’t end well for that person. That’s the person / idea / way of thinking that’s staying the same, maintaining the status quo. 

The status quo of today will be a day older by this time tomorrow. It’s not the same anymore. 

The Law Of Association states that you become the average of the people you spend the most time with. 

The number of people doesn’t matter. It can be five, twenty, or two people. Whomever you listen to, watch, exchange energy with or are influenced by is an association. Some part of them rubs off on you. 

If you listen to a podcast every day, that show’s host is an association. You don’t have to ever meet the guy / girl: they’re pumping their energy, ideas and words directly into your brain every day. 

Same with your favorite music, YouTube channels, blogs, and in-person relationships. 

Analyzing your virtual and physical associations, ask yourself: are these influences building me or destroying me? 

Making me better, smarter, more focused, pulling me closer to my objectives, or making me worse,

dumber, breaking my focus, keeping me away from where I want to go? 

The answers won’t be hard if you’re being honest. 

There is no neutral. Everything matters

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