Since college, one of the people I admire most is the one who “know what they’re doing”. People who know what they are doing. Their eyes are clear and exude a confident and firm. They are inspiring and fascinating.

When these people are sharing their stories and ideals, their smiles are real and powerful. You can see from the eyes how they are facing life with all their heart. They know what they believe in and what they want to achieve, and they know that such a path is not easy. But they still walk with all their heart, only to live out the faith and success in their hearts.

Questions to ask yourself

In the environment where I grew up, people like to compare, like to compare A to B, and like to compare themselves with others. Can someone else do it? If others can I also can. So everyone focused on “What can I do?”

Can I get into a certain university?
Can I enter a certain company?
Can I earn such a salary?
Can I get promoted to this position?
Pursuing these “cans” gives us no time to stop and see what we are doing. What am I doing? Why would I do this? Is this what I really want?

So until now, what I appreciate most is the people who really “know what they’re doing.”

Like an elder, watering and fertilizing in a garden without a fence every day. He knows the most suitable way to cultivate each flower. So in his daily careful care, every flower in the garden is the most suitable treatment and grow into its most beautiful appearance. Nearby residents saw beautiful flowers, can not help but pick home or give it to the loved one. Some people even uproot flowers, transplant them in their gardens, or show the flowers to get more people to enjoy the beautiful flowers.
Year after year, no one knows who is looking after the flowers.

The elder, like the elder, went to the garden every day to water and fertilize. Although his wife advised him not to do such a job that did not get any return and no one would express gratitude, the elder still went to the garden day after day to take care of his beloved flowers. He smiled and said slowly to his wife, I take care of these flowers because I want them to grow into their most beautiful appearance. So I can bring more beauty to the world. Isn’t it someone taking these plants away achieve my goal? It’s ok even if they don’t know that I’m taking care of the flowers or taking them for themselves?

What is the most important

The thing that people who “know what they’re doing” is what I most appreciate because they know exactly why they do it and the price they pay for it, but he’s willing to pay for what he believes in.

So people are confident because they respond positively to their inner voices, because they are willing to take responsibility for their choices. Such people, often can bring strength and inspiration.

Having just left my last job, a lot of people care about where I’m going next. Without the identity of the work, without stable income and put themselves in the vast sea of people in the society will inevitably be anxious.

But rather than thinking about what I have and what I can do, I keep reminding myself to “see” what I’m doing: Why did I leave my last job? Why do I give myself a blank time? See where you are and where do you want to go? Organize the past, see the present, and depict the future.


When I consciously see myself, find out why and the goal in my heart, and then take stock of myself. Yes, that can not be better; In this way, on the next journey, I can confidently say, “I know what I’m doing” even though I don’t understand or disagree with others.

Like the elder who goes to the garden every day to water and fertilize, he knows that he does this only to see the flowers he loves grow into its most beautiful.