One of the things that amaze me the most in humans is the perfection of our being; body, brain, and mind. You probably already know that the brain runs all body functions, and if the brain dies, every organ needs to be hooked up to a machine to keep it alive. 

What is not so well known is the fact that the brain has many levels of performance in every human, depending on each situation. Let’s say when we are in fight or flight mode. Brain performance gets reduced to survival. When we are in love everything is wonderful, when we work the brain knows how to stay focused, when we enjoy a hobby or a good conversation with a friend the brain relaxes and performs very differently. All of this happens because our chemistry changes in every situation depending on the intensity of that specific situation.

The brain is a very complex organ, the most marvelous, mysterious perfect gift our physical body contains. Our brain doesn’t think but helps to create thoughts, doesn’t dream but makes dreams come true, doesn’t contain learning but retains it when it is in your mind. Your brain reminds your lungs how to breathe, your heart how to beat, your eyes how to blink and cry.

It messes with your emotions when out of balance, and even it tricks you into eating certain things when those emotions flare out.

All these things happen in a closed box, our head. We can check-in, we can reach out. It might seem like we have no control over what’s going on inside our heads but we do have complete control in doing our best to give the brain all it needs. It is our responsibility to know what those needs are.

Your brain creates a pathway per action you are taking whichever is important or insignificant, that pathway will become stronger every time you repeat that particular action turning it into a habit and furthermore into a behavior. Changing behavior is not easy, it takes brain strength, willingness, it takes choice and it takes the right chemistry to make it happen every time the situation requires it. Often our mind, our thoughts want to do something but our brain caves if is not strong enough. We need to think about the behavior we want to change, fit the brain with what it needs and take make a choice towards the action to enforce that. This will create a new pathway that will get stronger every time as long as you repeat the same behavior, letting the old pathway lose strength until the day the new pathway gets established and the old one is forgotten. The path will dissipate as long as we don’t repeat it anymore.

When we are creating and reinforcing a new pathway often we relapse to the old one, that doesn’t mean you failed, that means the old pathway is much stronger, you just have to go back to repeat the new one as often as you can until one day you will realize it doesn’t take to think about it, you are doing it without effort. The new pathway or behavior is established, you won!

Here is a list of the basic things your brain needs to support your choices when you decide to change a habit/behavior. 

* Protein

* Fat

* Water

  • Oxygen
  • Vitamins: A, B, C, D, E
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Fun
  • Support

For everyone this combination of ingredients looks different, it is up to you to make it for yourself. I know is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it and we all will be perfect and we are not. It is challenging to do it by yourself when sometimes we don’t even know what behavior is not good for us. Not all unhealthy behaviors end in eating habits, we might have unhealthy behaviors when relating to people or family, maybe we have beliefs about ourselves so rooted in our brain that we think “that’s how it is!” keeping us stacked.

Think about one behavior that doesn’t serve you anymore, something you want to change, then ask yourself this question. Am I willing?  If you are willing, I can help you to find the tools you will need to change it.

Ask me for a FREE consultation, it is 1 hour 1:1 with me, no commitments. Do something nice for yourself right now and change your life forever.

All my love,