The problem occurs when our core beliefs (that govern our behavior and reality) are invisible to us. 

There are two parts of your mind: conscious and unconscious.

When you want to a buy coffee, itch your back, or feel like you need to exercise and eat healthy – all of these are the thought processes and desires that you are consciously aware of. They are all taking place in your conscious mind.

There is a set of beliefs, ideas, perceptions, assumptions and desires that are stored in the subconscious level of your mind. These always include very powerful ideas and ‘facts’ about ourselves and our reality, which in essence we are not even aware of, but at the same time, they have a huge impact on our decisions, actions, expectations, conscious thought patterns and feelings.

Whether we choose to do the work of consciously digging through our subconscious beliefs and ideas, there are few points to keep in mind:
– subconscious desires and thoughts patterns will always trump (and override) your conscious ideas and desires 
– only those desires, results, people and relationships that correspond to your subconscious beliefs and expectations can enter your reality. You can never experience or allow the good or results in your life which are radically different to, or beyond the permissions you have given yourself on a subconscious level 
– the good news is, you can change and transform your subconscious beliefs and ideas that are limiting you in some way. Most of our subconscious beliefs about ourselves and lives SEEM to be facts of life, or absolute truths of who we are. However, those are nothing more that your subjectively chosen (!) ideas ABOUT reality, not FACTS. If they limit you, or do not serve you => you (and only you) can change, transform and replace those 
– our subconscious beliefs and ideas serve as invisible bars beyond which we cannot reach. The problem is, that we often do not even stop to notice or to acknowledge that the only bars and walls we are facing are within our own consciousness.

I invite you to write down 10 points about yourself, who you are and what is absolutely undeniably true about you.