Koko Petkov

Koko Petkov was born in Bulgaria in 1980. At the age of 16, he immigrated to Germany with the hope of leading a better life. While Koko started his career in the retail industry doing odd jobs, it was only when he moved his focus to the automobile industry he made a significant change in his life. Koko Petkov is a professional councillor and trading expert and is now teaching as well and mentoring several people in the trade industry for the past six years now. In his early days the hard work led him to build up his own car trading company with a few employees in the middle of Berlin.

Gradually, Petkov was going uphill in his business, with annual sales of 8 million. Success came to him a bit earlier. He was 26, and he has already become a millionaire. But, the sad part is, Koko hardly had any time for himself or his family. Even he did not have time to invest in himself both physically and mentally. He gradually started gaining weight and soon became overweight.

How he went downhill?

Everything was going as expected in his business. He became a millionaire with 8 million annual sales. But the problem started when he found out about trading on the stock exchange through some documentation. After hearing about the stock exchange market, he decided to become a trader too. 

With little experience and less knowledge about the know-how, he failed mercilessly. He lost a considerable amount of money after his first trading month. The trading business became a gambling business for him, where he gambled almost one million Euros. He went bankrupt and even became homeless in no time. He lost his car dealership and employees. He was also portrayed as an unsuccessful day trader in one of the 2012’s documentaries.

His rise-from-the-fall success story

As soon as Koko realized that trading is not his cup of tea, he decided first to learn how to trade and then venture into the stock market again. Since he had no money left, he started working on the construction sites for 11 Euros an hour and started making good profits into the auto trade. He also brought two apartments in Bulgaria and started making additional capital from them for his trading account. 

Gradually, he paid off all of his debts and was running to regain back his success. It was the year 2013 when Koko managed to be financially independent through his trading business. Soon he started to pass on his trading experience to others who were on the same path. Petkov gave his first trading lecture in his living room. All of the participants were overwhelmed and thrilled in the first session itself.

Someone had said it correct – “It’s never too late to follow your passion.” Koko Petkov soon realized that he would pass his knowledge and experience to others not to repeat the same mistake as he did. It signifies that although he failed once, but also rose as a successful trader. After his struggle and hustle, Koko Petkov immigrated to Dubai and is now living his dream life with his wife and daughter by his side.