The real estate business has been popular amongst novice investors who want to make money quickly. The trick to succeeding in real estate investing is to purchase properties at wholesale prices and flip them for market prices. This is the strategy in which prominent real estate investor Kris Gomez teaches to his students.

Gomez is a self-made millionaire who achieved success in both telemarketing and real estate sales. The 34-year-old Gomez was originally from Ontario, California, but now resides in Riverdale with his wife and daughter. His path to wealth and fortune started from rather humble beginnings. He spent most of his childhood bouncing from one motel room to the next because his family was too poor to afford an apartment or house. This made him want to strive for bigger and better things.

In his early 20s, Gomez got a job as a telemarketer. He quickly learned the necessary skills needed to be a successful salesperson. After achieving success at this job, he founded “Crushm Enterprise” which was a telemarketing tool company. He broke natural sales records and was earning six figures before he was even 25 years old.

However, Gomez wanted to aim higher than merely outperforming as a telemarketer. Since his family never owned any real estate, Gomez had a lifelong dream of owning property. But this didn’t just mean that he wanted to purchase a home of his own. He also wanted to own investment properties that he could flip for a substantial amount of money. There have been so many people who’ve become millionaires because of their investments in real estate. He wanted to do the same.

Sure enough, Gomez would achieve seven-figure status in no time. His real estate firm, KMD Property Solutions, targeted wholesale properties across the country. Some of them needed to be fixed up and rehabilitated while others were merely facing foreclosure. Gomez developed a strategy for obtaining wholesale properties at below-market prices and then turning around and reselling them for a lot more money.

Gomez hunted for wholesale properties wherever he could find them. He earned the nickname of “The Shark” by many real estate professionals in the industry because of his relentlessness to negotiate and establish lucrative property deals. As a millionaire, Gomez has become a sort of a philanthropist. One percent of KMD’s gross sales are donated to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

For aspiring real estate investors who want to learn from “The Shark,” they now have the opportunity to do so. Gomez holds an annual real estate event called “The Accelerator” which is held in California. Reservations can only be established by visiting the website

There is one simple purpose to the Accelerator event, and that is to change people’s lives forever. Gomez teaches them the necessary skills for flipping wholesale houses for a profit. He also provides helpful tools which will make it easier for novices to get started. The best part is that new investors won’t need credit or hardly any cash to purchase their first property and make money from it. 


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