Ksaveras Jancauskas is a digital nomad who traverses different countries, assisting industry leaders in achieving their goals and scaling their brand. 

In this article, we will learn how Ksaveras handles the stress of being a digital nomad and achieves constant success for himself and his clients.

Scaling through work-related stress and burnout

Ksaveras thinks of himself as a unique individual when it comes to the subject matter. He rarely suffers burnout because he enjoys every second of his work. 

Whenever he experiences a stressful day at work, he reflects on the wins that he’s gotten to help clear his bead of any negative feelings he might have. For example, signing a new contract and meeting potential business partners.

Ksaveras also recommends meditation. Meditation helps you clear your mind and relieve your body of stress. 

Preparing for Success

One thing that Ksaveras holds on to is the belief that routine is the most powerful vehicle for success. He explains that once a habit is mastered, at that point you don’t feel like you’re working and your brain doesn’t send rest signals and this allows you to hyper-focus. 

According to him, your environment is the second factor that will determine whether you attain success or not. If there are no distractions around you, building a success habit is more likely. 

Overcoming Challenges 

On his journey to the top, Ksaveras faced a lot of obstacles, he shares that his biggest obstacle was placing his trust in the wrong people. This triggered a series of events that led to a serious blow to his reputation. 

He tried to take shortcuts by giving out some of his jobs but on each occasion, he was met with awful results; the results from the jobs he outsourced didn’t meet most of the client’s demand.

Over time, he learned that trust is developed and verification of a product or service before selling is very vital. He also learned that it’s better to take in someone as an employee and then spend some time honing and refining their skills than outsourcing to someone outside of the organization. 

Drawing Inspiration and Looking Onwards

The mere fact that Ksaveras enjoys doing what he does so well is enough motivation for him. Each time he gets asked this,  he answers with another question;  

Who wouldn’t enjoy the perks of remote work and access to a network with high-status individuals and A-class celebrities? After all is said and done, the immense motivation at his disposal cannot be denied. 

In the future, Ksaveras plans to expand his team, He believes expanding his team would lead to an increase in the number of lives his company can transform. 


  • Johnny Medina

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