Entrepreneurs learn many lessons, sometimes the hard way, throughout their journey, regardless of what path they choose. Those experiences cannot be valuable to them; unless they take the time to reflect on them.

Like other dreamers out there, Adukia also had a vision of becoming an entrepreneur since a young age, but his daily routine did not add much to turning that to reality. Though he was a very bright student throughout school and college, his reputation of spending most of his time partying and chilling with his friends made his dream seem far-fetched.

How he rose from life’s challenges

Every once in a while, life puts you at crossroads where you have to make a difficult decision for your own good, and depending on what you choose, your life can go either way. Kshitiz had to make such a resolution as well, to either take over his father’s business or become an entrepreneur. He chose the latter, putting risk to everything he had in his life, except this time, his dream became his whole life.

He spent months coming up with different potential ideas, made strategies, researched and changed his entire lifestyle to become more compatible with his vision. After a lot of struggle and hard work, he finally made his way into the business world with his consultancy firm, Tradizon.


Tradizon is now a global business consultancy firm that is currently catering to clients from 7+ countries. It is also one of the leading firms in the northern and western parts of India. Adukia went on to excel into becoming a strategist and marketing connoisseur and has assisted 50+ clienteles and more than 150 entrepreneurs with new startup ideas, sales, and profits.

His genius mindset and inspiring journey have led him to deliver numerous motivational and business-related speeches all over the world. He has also conquered the internet with his new segment ‘‘29 seconds with Kshitiz’’, where he gives intellectual talks and insightful views on business, self-development, trends, social issues and motivation.

‘‘It’s never too late to start afresh and follow what you are passionate for, it just depends on how much you want it.’’