Kyree Hollis is a digital marketing strategist and music influencer who has built millions of impressions online and has helped dozens of individuals and brands attain their goals 

In this piece, Kyree shares some of the challenges he encountered, how he surmounted these challenges and a few other useful tips.  

Identifying The Obstacles 

The first of the challenges Kyree would encounter is one that a lot of entrepreneurs face. This challenge had to do with the monetization of his skillset. 

Due to these skill sets and his expertise, he had access to high profile individuals; as he helped them out with business-related issues but at times, making money off these services was hard.  

The most difficult challenge to circumvent was getting the respect the average businessmen today command. He wanted to be seen as a businessman and not just as “the plug” by his friends. 

Another issue he faced was his length of years. In meetings with high profile individuals, he would look around and discover he was the youngest in the room. Absolutely no one understood how he found his way to the top. 

Overcoming The Obstacles 

Kyree overcame these obstacles by creating a distinct divide between friendship and business and giving all around him a clear understanding of his worth was one way. 

In terms of drawing respect, he always made sure to do adequate research whenever he had meetings. This made him sound in all regards and left these high profile individuals impressed. One thing he enjoyed was the quick switch these people made from how they viewed him before the meeting and after he held a conversation with them.  

Fulfilling Industry Demands

In the industry Kyree operates in, doing the “impromptu” things and falling off-plan is the norm. At times the frustration would get to him, but he always tries to give a proper assessment of the situation; mostly from another perspective. 

After this assessment, he would remind himself that things could be worse and he could easily be in less of a position where those things that brought about the frustration wouldn’t be accessible.  

Apart from this Kyree also recommends that you maintain high levels of positivity.  He stated that setbacks will always come but the most important thing in the whole process was learning from them rather than dwelling on them.  

Avoiding Stress And Burnout

Stress is something we go through daily and it can greatly affect our whole day, depending on how you deal with it. Everyone has their own way of handling stress, some better than the other. 

To overcome the effects of stress,  Kyree suggests that you go to places that provide good scenery and live in the moment. You should also never allow your mind to get overwhelmed by tasks as this can seriously harm the way you view the world.

Also, you should engage in activities that require certain levels of creativity such as designing clothing ideas, making hilarious conceptual videos or drawings – basically anything that allows your creative genes to flow.  

Achieving Success

Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it. No truer words have been spoken. For anyone wanting to achieve success in life, you have to make a decision by yourself to set out and get it. 

In this light, Kyree implores you to realize that knowledge can never be in excess and learning never stops is one effective tip. 

There are a lot of resources that can facilitate learning, however, the onus lies on everyone to intake those things and apply them with wisdom and create a distinction between oneself and the next person.  

Setting yourself up for comments from people, sorting through these comments for valuable advice and applying them where necessary is very important. However, he pointed out that there’s a fine line between taking advice and letting people dictate your actions. The latter is a line that should not be towed. 


  • Johnny Medina

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    Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who interviews successful Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are willing to share their success tips & have overcome some challenging obstacles.