If you’re like a lot of families in 2020, you probably realize that your family could use some work on their overall fitness and health. Take a look at a few simple ways you can help your family get into better shape!

  1. Exercise That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

When you hear the word exercise, what’s the first thing that jumps into your mind? You may think of a very unenjoyable, strenuous activity that leaves you completely out of breath and sweating profusely. But exercising as a family doesn’t have to be that way. “Incidental exercise”, try to do things that ‘move’ rather than be moved. Walk to the shops if possible, rather than drive, ride bikes to the playground rather than drive. Walk the dog around the block and chat as a family.  Have a Family bike ride a few times a week. The event doesn’t have to be a race. For most of us, we really need to just get up and get moving to get into better health.

  1. Be intentional with your food shopping

Plan your meals for the week / fortnight and set aside time to both do the shopping and prepare the meals. This way it doesn’t feel squeezed in and the temptation to be lazy and get take away creep in too often. 

Include the children in the shopping. Get them help you purchase the ingredients. And, include them (in a safe and supervised way) in the cooking. If you’re making a bolognese for example you may get the kids to help break up the mince, grate the vegetables, chop some other vegetables (under supervision), pour some olive oil or spices into the pan / pot… you get the picture. Children can enjoy “creating” their meal (particularly if they get to drop a token pinch of sugar into it).

  1. Replace cordial / juice / soft drinks with water

Did you know that most juices / soft drinks are 10% sugar (carbohydrate)? And unlike solid foods, it’s actually very easy to squeeze an extra drink down, which can significantly increase your caloric intake (extra energy which is converted into fat). .As a family try to consciously reduce your intake of juice and soft drinks and simply have water with meals. Soft drinks and juices taste nice, so reserve them for more special occasions where possible, and really enjoy them rather than have them routinely. 

Even in these unprecedented times, getting your family fit and healthy is only a few easy adjustments away.

This article was originally published on https://LachlanSoper.org.au/